Late riding and teeth


Can you believe it’s 6 weeks to Christmas?  And less than 2 until Thanksgiving.  This time of year goes by even faster than the rest of the year.  Maybe that’s why January and February seem to take forever to get through LOL.

I have hardly been taking any pictures. I haven’t had time or just not really interesting. I have been doing a lot of work (even today) and you don’t need pictures of my keyboard!  😀   I just need to get through the next 6 weeks and things will settle down more and I can get back to work on fun projects like the trunks that have been sitting around waiting for me to get to them.

Anyway. Most of the plants have been killed by frost, but my ground mums are still going.  They are flopped over from the heavy wet snow a couple weeks ago, but they still look pretty.


Some places are full-on Christmas already. We were out for breakfast this morning and the coffee shop was all decked out.




No holiday music yet, though.  I find I don’t even mind this, actually. Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of tie together, unlike summer and pumpkins.

On a most annoying note, I think I going to have to go in for another root canal. I have had a very sensitive tooth for a couple years, but even at the last visit in August, the x-rays looked fine. The dentist had put some kind of barrier film on the tooth to help with sensitivity and it worked pretty well.  Fast forward to last week and I started to get sinus pain, which I first attributed to rain coming, but then it moved into my mouth as well and I cannot even chew on that side of my mouth because of pain in the tooth. I tried calling my dentist on Friday, but they were closed for the holiday.  I was considering going to the urgent care because of how much it hurt, but with warm compresses it’s a lot better. It only hurts now when my teeth click together or if I accidentally chew on that side.  Hopefully I can get a fast appointment on Monday to get the process rolling. I *just* finished off the payments on my last root canal in February and now I look forward to another $1500 dental bill. Boo.

On a good note, there has been more biking!  It was in the low 50s today, so we got on the bikes for a nice ride.


Bundled up, but it any late season ride is a good one.

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14 thoughts on “Late riding and teeth

  1. debby

    The mums are so pretty! And so are the Christmas decorations actually 🙂

    I hope they will do like most dentists and get you in right away. You might need to get on abx, and I sure don’t want you to go through the pain that I went through last January!
    debby´s last blog post ..Bone on Bone

    1. Lori Post author

      We actually were shopping for some holiday decorations for outside over the weekend. It was lifting our spirits, too. Decorations are fun.

  2. Helen

    I was out walking a couple of times this weekend and was surprised at how many things are still blooming. I guess that’s the advantage of a warmer than usual fall.

    Sorry about your tooth! Your dentist must be a veteran if they were closed on Friday. Funny enough, even though we have a huge submarine base here and a large retired veteran population, not very much closes down.
    Helen´s last blog post ..And So It Goes

  3. Karen

    Are there any dental colleges around you? The prices are much less expensive because the students do the work. They are closely supervised by instructor dentists so the only drawback is having to have your mouth open two or three times as long.

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t think there are. I did that for regular dental care in the past when we lived in a bigger city, but the root canal I wouldn’t have a student do. My last one was not painful at all. My dentist is very good.

  4. Shelley B

    Tooth pain is the worst – sorry about this! Hope you can get it taken care of quickly. And dental bills, ugh. We have decent dental insurance but anytime there’s something above a routine cleaning, we get hit with a large percentage to pay.

    I just realized last night that Thanksgiving is so close – guess I better get my meal planned out and shopped for, huh?
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Processing

  5. Winnie

    We have had such warm weather too! Many bikers and hikers still out full force. This weekend I was out in short sleeves and flip flops! That is so unusual in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah this time of year! But I am relishing the warm weather with nice long walks.

    My mums bloomed once and just don’t seem to want to bloom anymore. They have buds but just will not open and end up dying prior to opening. Just the buds the plants are nice and green. Oh well, I will be bringing all potted plants inside Wednesday anyways. We are expecting 10 degree weather and snow. Going from mid-60s to the tens is crazy!

  6. Biz

    The cooking school I work at is already decked out for the holidays, and I didn’t mind it a bit – I got to see all different kinds of snowmen! 😀

    Gah on the root canal. I’ve actually not been to a dentist in 25 years, I know it’s bad, but I do take care of my teeth, so far so good – but I probably just jinxed myself!

  7. Lisa

    I’m sorry! Teeth things are the worst. 🙁 Root canals are awful. I’ve had a few unfortunately so I literally feel your pain. Heal fast!

  8. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Ugh. Sorry about the tooth. I’ve been having a terrible time with my teeth the last few years and realized when I add it up it averages out to about $100 per month! Hope this is the last you have to deal with. At least you should be good to chew for Thanksgiving.

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