Fog and Christmas tree

WeT are having a bit of warm weather here. November is ending warmer than it started, I think. We’ve had rain and lots of fog.  This was on our walk to breakfast today


It was pretty misty all day, too.

This was said breakfast.


I know I haven’t shown Bagel Wednesday in a while!  Yummy.

Wednesdays are my weight check-in day. Doing good at maintaining, even after Turkey Day! Gotta keep it up.

We’ve gotten a lot of decorating done. The tree is up:


I really like this tree a lot. I’m glad we finally got a new one. It’s pre-lit with the white bulbs, which is nice. Pixie doesn’t bother the tree much; however, she does like to chew on the Velcro on the tree skirt. I don’t really know why. She is a strange cat.

Speaking of strange cats – Here is a holiday Simon’s Cat video. This is Pixie to a T with catnip!

Especially the rolling around on the floor 😀

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8 thoughts on “Fog and Christmas tree

  1. debby

    That video was funny!! It makes my 5 dogs look like perfect little angels.

    Where is the hole in the bagel? Is this the new bagel fashion??

    The fog looks so pretty. When I was a kid, it was foggy a lot at Christmas, so it looks festive to me.
    debby´s last blog post ..Late to the Party

  2. Helen

    I can’t believe how warm it has been – it was 58 degrees this morning when I got up to run. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so that meant the treadmill but still, I’ll take the warmth!

    Your tree is very pretty.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Obligatory

  3. Fran

    Love your tree! Still not sure if I want a Christmas tree this year. If we do, I will buy one next weekend.

    We have strange weather. A couple of really cold days with beautiful blue skies and sunshine and then it gets warmer with rain and fog and then repeat it all over. I’ll take the cold sunny day always over a warmer rainy day.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Hike #19, Friday, August 12, 2016: Groene Wissel Maarn

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