A bit of running

Wednesday is bagel day!  Gripe time: We went to our usual Wednesday spot, but they have been annoying me lately.  First, they stopped putting out milk for coffee – only cream. John and I don’t drink cream. We like milk,so then we have to ask for them to get milk out for us, which is a pain. Nothing like serving yourself milk from a gallon jug into your coffee cup.  And then I had 2 cups of coffee today with grounds in them. This is a premium coffee shop, too, that roasts it’s own. That shouldn’t be happening.  And a few other things that kind of add to that. I do so love their bagels, though.


So we might be going elsewhere for a while until I move them off my “list”.

I have started running again (or jogging). I know, I know – I keep saying I’m done. LOL I decided to try to train again, but doing it differently by starting to train at the end of bike season when my legs are in great shape and not late in winter when I’m bored. And, I’m keeping a slower pace. Or maybe a varying pace. With biking, I’m not going the same speed all the time, so why should my jogging be that way?

So I started the C25K program again and am in the middle of week 7, which is the 25 minute run segments and I’m doing okay! Dropping some weight earlier this year probably helped as well. My left leg feels fatigued the next day and the skin over my knee gets a little numb after the run, but I can deal with that… for now at any rate.  It’s at least a good change up from riding the trainer inside. I can run outside as long as it isn’t snowy or bitter cold.  I do have to say it’s kind of boring to me. It always has been. It’s not as fun as biking, but cross training is important.  I have had this bug to do another duathlon for years, but I couldn’t get the run going again consistently after hurting my back. Now that 5 years or so have passed since then, things are what they are.  It actually feels good to be doing it again.

Here is a picture of our lights so far this year:


Of course, you can’t see the little tree very well way on the right. And you can’t see our christmas tree in the window. I need to take a picture from across the street.  We are adding a little bit more lights each year as budget permits. I would love to have lights all around the roof and that – but there is no way we can get up there. We did buy a projection snowflake light to shine  on the upper story, but then it broke when we plugged it in, so that had to get returned. We might do lights on the inside of the 2nd story windows, though.

We have a brick house, which can make attaching things difficult, but John found a product called brick clips:


Aren’t these cool? No damage to the house and you can put them wherever to attach stuff. Plus they are removable. The only problem is that since the bricks in our house were hand made, they vary in size a bit, so finding just the right spot takes some maneuvering. Normal brick houses wouldn’t have that trouble, though. I have some that I’ve been using for my climbing roses and we used them for patio lights out back. You can get them online and also at Joann Fabrics, of all places.

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13 thoughts on “A bit of running

  1. Lori

    Good job on the jogging! I wish I could start. Maybe someday!

    I love those brick thingys! I am definately going to get some asap!!

  2. Fran

    You little devil 🙂 started running again and already in week 7. Well done. I never really liked running but always do it because it’s good for me and I feel great afterwards. But I prefer walking above running any time so I can look around me.

    The outside of your house looks so nice and inviting, love it.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Hike #19, Friday, August 12, 2016: Groene Wissel Maarn

  3. deb

    I’m a milk in my coffee person too Lori….I’m surprised they don’t put the milk in a different container for you… I can pour milk from a gallon jug at home i don’t think i would want the same experience when i go out… Speaking of going out… we went to Olive Garden last night… its been awhile since we were there but it was cold and a bowl of their potato soup sounded good….and it was yummy! But i noticed two things while there ..make it three..one new store manager……. two… they started using paper napkins instead of cloth and they removed all their real plants which i admired and installed fake plastic one….. really kinda downgraded the experience…..And part of the reason you eat out i think is for the experience…

    Kudos on the running girlfriend!! Fingers crossed all goes well! Remember the power of babysteps… Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Progress on the House……

    1. Lori Post author

      One time they gave us a little pot with milk in it, but all the other times they just plop the jug on the counter. Sometimes all those little things add up to a big annoyance.

  4. Shelley B

    Running again, eh? I know it’s not really your thing, so I think you’re doing well for having made it 7 weeks in already. Like you said, at least you can get outside with it, unlike biking this time of year…it would be hard to have to do all your exercise indoors, I’d imagine.

    Your lights look nice! Ours are still not up.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..WWU – Walking in Orlando

  5. debby

    Grounds in my coffee is a deal breaker. For the past couple years I’ve noticed that most places only put out half and half. Used to have to look through all the jugs to find the one I wanted. It would be nice if they kept milk and other alternatives in handy containers instead of handing you a gallon!

    The brick clips are so clever!
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy Days

  6. Helen

    I need to post a pic of our Christmas lights – simple but fun! There is a house up the street from us that is crazy with lights and blowup figures.

    Good for you for sticking with C25K for 7 weeks. Slowing down and not feeling crazy is the best way to handle running when it’s not your favorite thing. That’s what I do when I’m not feeling into my run and usually by the end I’m happy I slowed down and stuck to it!

  7. Paula

    Running can be tough & seems slow compared to biking. I was a bike rider but decided to try running. Actually it was to scratch off ” do a 5k” off the old bucket list. I don’t like running as much as I like what it has done for my body. I just never got the results from biking that I have with running. I finally got off another 10 pounds that really needed to come off & I actually look okay in shorts. I just started running in April 2015. I still include bike riding. Got in at least one 15 mile ride a week.

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