The running has been continuing on. I’m up to 30 minute stretches. It’s been on the treadmill as of late because of the snow outside.  The walks actually are pretty clear, but it’s been a little chilly on scheduled run days. Go figure. Yesterday wasn’t a bad weather day and I walked with John to the post office to mail something (about 3 miles round trip).  I was playing Pokemon and look what I got!


Pikachu is wearing a santa hat, how cute!  I guess he is Santachu? As soon as I got home, I had to send this picture to my niece who loves Pokemon.

I’ve been on a roll with the football picks for a while. I don’t know how many weeks in a row I have won now. Maybe 5?  Anyway, it was back down to Saratoga for my dinner choice  to try again to go to BurgerFi.  This is a new addition to downtown.  It is a casual burger place along the lines of Five Guys, but maybe a bit more upscale.


Counter service. I got a single burger and John tried the veggie burger:


We split an order of fries because it was huge.  Doesn’t John’s veggie burger look more appealing?

My bun was branded!


It actually was a decent burger. The fries, however, were soooo good! Fresh cut fries. Yummers.

After showing my dinner, I will say that my weight has been pretty much the same all fall. Up and down about a pound, which is great. Of course, we haven’t hit prime cookie time yet. That would be next week LOL!  I’ll probably up the exercise a smidge to help counterbalance.

I actually had some time the other day to do a little playing. I’m working on some new products for the soap line.  This is a cream soap:


It’s so light and fluffy!  It looks very much like marshmallow fluff. It’s a cooked soap, which I’ve never done before. I still have a lot of tweaking and adjusting to do to  the recipe, but I now know the technique. In a couple weeks I’ll have more time to work on this stuff. I can’t wait to leave my job!

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    1. Lori Post author

      It’s nice on a bath pouf. Maybe I could put it in a Malibu tube or something like that. Or I could just make it a “special” soap LOL. It is good for shaving, too, so I will be putting some clay in it.

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