Trying a turducken

It’s almost Christmas!  As per usual, we are hosting dinner on the eve.  John is making cheese souffle for the vegetarian dish and I decided to try something I’ve always been curious about:


Turducken!  I wanted to make something that would fit in a roaster since the souffle will be in the oven and we won’t be opening and closing the oven during the cooking, so this fits the bill.  I hope it’s good. If not, at least Denny’s is open 😀

We grocery shop once a week. If we run out of something, we make do until the next weekend (unless it’s milk). This helps keep the grocery budget down because there is no impulse buying. Now that I just said that, I went out to pick up the turducken and a couple other things for baking and I couldn’t resist a gift for Pixie’s stocking:


She is  in my lap as I type this. I can talk and write all I want about her gift because she can’t read! LOL  Of course, she will likely want to play more with the ties that hold these to the package than the actual balls.  I’m a sucker.

Projects are happening finally. Painting the cabinets for my parents’ kitchen:


I decided to bring all the doors home with me so that I can paint them as I can rather than going over there multiple times for multiple coats. The paint is Valspar enamel for cupboards, so hopefully it will hold up.  Do you like my sophisticated numbering system ( 8 ). Scraps of post-it notes just so I can keep track of which door goes where.

I also fiddled with my new desk. The woman I bought it from said the drawers needed to be adjusted. A good look at it showed it’s not the drawers, but loose joints in the frame. Refastening and glue drying:


Now the drawers fit much better. You can see the veneer chips along the bottom better in this picture. I wonder if I can actually put veneer on this.  I probably won’t do much else with this for a while since my parents’ kitchen is the priority now. At least the desk is functional and I can use it.

Lots of stuff to cram into the next couple of days, that’s for sure!

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11 thoughts on “Trying a turducken

  1. Shelley B

    I saw Turduckens at our grocery store when I was picking up our Christmas ham – I think it’s funny, something that seemed to start out as a joke has now become mainstream! You’ll have to let us know how it turns out.

    I still need to go buy Paco a giant cookie for his Christmas gift – he loves to unwrap his own present, so I have to do it. Usually I’m more on the ball by this time of year, but I’ve been ordering his food through Amazon so I’m not at the pet store to see/buy extra goodies for him. I’m sure Pixie will love those balls, until she bats them under furniture and they all disappear, LOL.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..WWU – 10 Miles of Madness Plus Say Yes to a Dress Party!

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s funny, one of Pixie’s toys appeared out of nowhere that has been missing for probably a year. I have no idea where it was since we have done deep cleaning over the year. It’s a cat toy mystery.

  2. Helen

    There are a group of men friends who live in my area who make their own Turducken every year – our newspaper did an article on them a few years back. Absolutely fascinating. I will be interested to hear what you have to say about the taste.

    You and your projects! I swear I can’t fathom all that in addition to everything else this time of year.

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