Merry Christmas!

It’s festive time! Or Festivus time, right?  😀

On those days I have insomnia and am up too early, I like to put the tree lights on.


It’s so pretty. We have always had multicolored lights, but when we got this tree last year, we went with the all white and I really like it.

Last night we were out to dinner. John finally won a week for football picks and chose Sushi Aroydee.  It’s pretty close to our house, so we can walk there.  Good food, but they need proofreading on the menu:


I tried the panaeng curry with scallops.


Delicious! The broth is a coconut milk based broth with a nice bit of heat to it. The cool thing is that as we were leaving, we got to pick a numbered ball out of a basket and we won a $10 gift certificate!  Yay!  Early Christmas!

It’s definitely going to be a white Christmas this year.  More snow fell yesterday.  We bought some solar candy cane lights for outside and it looks like it’s wearing a little hat.


These are really cute, too. Picked them up at Home Depot.

The sun came out today and I took advantage to go walking. Most of the walks were clear, but some people were kind of lame about shoveling.  Here is our downtown park.



We got some cookie baking done today in between working and walking.  I tried my hand at some rugelach this year.


They came out pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.  I used this recipe, only I omitted the raisins and replaced half the white sugar with brown.

Saturday is the dinner at our house. Need to get cleaning LOL!

Ms Pixie is taking the night off.


Animals are so cute when they are sleeping.

Have a merry Christmas everyone and safe travels wherever you go!  

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7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Kim

    Pixie is a cutie. Would never think to disturb a napping kitty. Unfortunately they don’t reciprocate when I’m napping. Tree looks beautiful. I want to see the candy cane lights at night.

    1. Lori Post author

      When the kitty is in the lap, we call it having feline disease and someone else has to do whatever it is that you are supposed to do!

  2. debby

    Your tree is pretty! I have always liked the white lights on trees. Rugelach! Yumm. Never thought of making it myself. Have a great Christmas, Lori!
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy Days

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