Feeling like spring!

That warmup finally got over to us this weekend. Now the snow is starting to melt, although there is a lot still.  One thing when a lot of snow comes at once, people actually get out and clear their walks. When snow comes in dribs and drabs, walks don’t get shoveled. Then they melt and get icy and just are difficult to walk on.  After the last bunch of snow, people were out and clearing.  Much of our walks were like this:

Amazingly clear – unlike last winter. It was great to get out and do a lot of outdoor walking. I was so tempted to get my bike off the trainer and ride on Sunday, but there was a lot standing water in the shoulder from melt and the bike paths, of course, were not clear at all.  So walking it was. It feels so much like spring. It’s hard to believe we are still in February!

Both John and I  worked on Saturday and we punched out the last bit of things in my parents’ kitchen on Sunday. It was then our time to relax, have some coffee and do a little shopping! There was a warehouse sale at Peter Harris (one of my favorite shops for clothes). I got a pair of slacks for $2 and this coat for $20!

It’s dry clean only, which made me put the coat back at first, but then I decided I wanted it. Plus John liked it.  I don’t know how people take mirror selfies and show most of a whole outfit without looking like a dork.  

I think I was impulse shopping a bit. We stopped at Target so I could get some hangers and I came home with a lamp! I needed a lamp for my new desk since it’s in the corner. I’ve been poking around in a lot of places lately and not finding anything. Then stumbled on this lamp, which has 2 of my favorite elements – copper and marble!

Plus it has the pull cord, which is fun.  Don’t you love the top of this desk? I’m hoping I can restore the luster of it when I get to work on it…

It’s nice and bright. Now I can see to color in the evenings:

This is why a desk was needed. I sprawl and take up too much space with this stuff for it not have its own home. It can be left just like this, too, without getting in the way.

Monday we are having our Mardi Gras party. A little earlier than usual, but coordinating schedules and all that. So a little meal prep is in order for tonight.

Did you get out and enjoy any good weather this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Feeling like spring!

  1. debby

    In between the rain we’ve had some decent weather. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten in the pool two times this week, and it felt great!

    That coat is so pretty, and flattering on you. Your colored pencil collection is impressive!
    debby´s last blog post ..A Tale of Two Muffins

  2. Helen

    Oh my goodness, the weather this weekend gave me hope! We’re actually going to have pretty warm temps all week although I guess it is going to barrel back down to freezing overnight which means icy roads in the morning.

    Our snow is finally melting a bit too, although there are huge swaths of unshoveled sidewalks. I’ve decided it’s part of living in an urban area – renters who don’t care, absentee landlords, older folks who just can’t shovel all contribute.

    Love that coat! Girl, you’ll only need to dry clean it every couple years unless you have some sort of disaster in it. What a bargain at $20!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Put It Out There

    1. Shelley B

      I agree with Helen – you don’t need to clean a coat very often, so I’d have bought it, too. Love the color, love the style on you. And that lamp is pretty! Let’s face it, everything aside from cleaning supplies and shampoo that comes home with you from Target is pretty much an impulse purchase, LOL. Sometimes they just have what you didn’t exactly know you needed! 😉

      I’m probably strange for thinking this, but I love how the snow looks when a blower/shovel has made a path. Those nice neat edges look really cool. Like a snow hedge. OOOH! Someone could make a snow maze!! Only it would just be two feet tall so you wouldn’t get lost. But how fun would that be???
      Shelley B´s last blog post ..Knitting Update

      1. Lori Post author

        It does look nice and neat, doesn’t it? I am sure there have to be snow mazes somewhere. They have corn mazes, so why not?

  3. Molly

    It reached 65* again here today – 4th day in a row with another 4 predicted. (Central Indiana) Sadly this means that all of my spring flowers are coming up – way too soon. Unless this is the new normal, which it might be. Even the magnolia tree buds are looking a bit too animated today. It’s sad when they bloom too early and then turn brown and fall after one too cold night.

    I did get outside this weekend and puttered around in the yard. It was nice even if it doesn’t feel quite right. Today I opened a few windows for the cats to sit in.

    Will Pixie play with the new lamp’s pull chain? I can’t use table lamps at all due to one of my cats. He loves to head butt them and watch them fall. Since I couldn’t train him out of it I switched to floor lamps.

    1. Lori Post author

      We have a magnolia as well and last year the buds were killed by frost. Hopefully that won’t happen this year.

      Pixie won’t bother the lamp. She would only get on the desk if I’m sitting at it and then it’s to get in my lap 😀

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