Snow and more snow!

That certainly was quite a storm yesterday.  Sometimes you get what’s forecasted and sometimes not. This time we got the Nor’easter. There was a state of emergency called, so the roads were very lightly traveled since a lot of people seemed to listen to the advice.

John shoveled once early and then we went out again after lunch to try to keep ahead of the snow since we don’t have a snowblower.  The snow was falling pretty hard during this.

Yuck! LOL.  That was the last time we went out because the wind began to really pick up and no way would there be any point to shoveling until it was done. Still snowing when we went to bed, too.

Normally Wednesday is Bagel Day, but I knew even if the roads were clear, we would still have to dig ourselves out, so we ate at home. I was so not looking forward to moving snow. Wouldn’t you know that some kind soul took a snowblower up the block this morning!

I don’t know who did it, but thank you!!! That is the really heavy packed stuff from the plows, which is just so hard to shovel.  That meant we only had to do the driveway and front walk.

Not exactly straight, but the mail carrier can get in.

I thought it was funny to see my flag signaling spring.

Oops.  I give a lot of kudos to the road crews. They worked all night and look how clear the roads are after around 20 inches of snow. Bravo!

Bagel Wednesday will have to be Bagel Thursday this week. 😀


On to the next thing – another food find. Green Giant has come out with riced vegetables. They sounded appealing to me, so I picked up a couple different packages. This was one of them:

Microwave for 6 minutes and done. That’s easy!  I also like that there is no sauce or anything on these. I tend to not like pre-sauced veggies. Something about them tastes funny.

Mine was simple with a little butter and S&P. These were good! It almost was like eating rice. Served alongside a turkey burger. I’m not like Biz with the styling of the plate LOL!

Now it feels like winter all over again.  There were some tulip greens just pushing out of the ground and now they are covered. It will be a while before this all melts because temps going to be in the upper 30s and low 40s for the next few days.  At least it’s light later!

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12 thoughts on “Snow and more snow!

  1. Kim

    Ugh, that snow at the bottom of the driveway is the worst. Feels like concrete and by that point you’ve already shoveled a whole driveway. Yay, for kind neighbors. I have a neighbor who is snowbirding in Florida, but he left his snowblower with explicit instructions for another neighbor to do about 5 of our drives. We’ve lucked out with no snow this year. Our ground is dryyyyyy though. Hang on, surely Spring will be on the way soon.

    1. Lori Post author

      It is the worst. Not to mention that you have to do it a few times because the city plows keep filling it back in!

  2. Helen

    I hate how we’re having February weather in March 🙁

    I bet those vegetables will be a big hit – very convenient over having to rice them yourself.

  3. Marianne

    That’s a lot of snow. I definitely could not handle all that. Never seen the stuff because here in Florida we never get it obviously!! Just wondering why don’t you have a snow blower?

    1. Lori Post author

      We used to have one, but it broke and this driveway is about half the size of our old one, so we don’t really need it for most storms. They are expensive.

  4. Shelley B

    I would totally own a snowblower if I lived in snowland. That was very nice of the sidewalk clearer to do your whole street!

    I keep wanting to try the riced frozen cauliflower but never remember to go down the frozen section when I’m at the grocery store, dang it! One of these days I’ll make my Korean beef and try some for the rice base (although I’ll still use some rice, too – I’m not made of steel, LOL).
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..WWU – All The Miles!

    1. Lori Post author

      We used to have a snowblower, but it broke. I have a bum shoulder and shoveling bothers it, so we are thinking about getting one for next year.

  5. debby

    I saw that there was a big storm your way on, and wondered about you. (I am still getting your posts a few days late…) I also saw that there were some deaths attributed to the storm, and the majority of them were people who had heart attacks while shoveling snow! –Get that blower 🙂

    I usually don’t like frozen veggies, but I am tempted to try those. I think Trader Joe’s sells the riced cauliflower fresh, but I don’t get there that often.
    debby´s last blog post ..More Spring!

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