World Water Day

Did you know today (March 22) is World Water Day?  Here is my water inspiration:

Our water feature we built last year, or as we call it – Radiance Falls. It’s mostly uncovered from snow now, but it will be a while before we can get the pump back in it and running again.  We are so, so fortunate to have clean water. Unfortunately, not everyone does. Still.

You can read more about problems for people without clean water at the CDC website.  And let’s work to keep our water clean. Speak up and let your representatives know that you want clean water.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in stuff. I know I keep saying I’m busy like I am the only one in the world who is, but that’s why my posting is so sporadic and it is kind of an apology. It’s probably going to stay that way for a while, too.

We did get a chance to see a concert last night. The Boston Brass (quintet) were in town to do a master class for high school students and they put on a free concert in the evening. What a treat! They were fantastic and kind of makes me long for the days when John and I were in a quintet together.  The Boston Brass tour a lot, so check out their schedule and catch them if you can.

John has been doing meal cooking since I’ve gotten so busy. Tonight he made a potato crusted quiche. I’ll have to get him to post the recipe in the comments.  He used the spiralizer to make the potato rounds.

I should have mentioned to him to slice the potato part way down so that he would end up with chips instead of a spiral. He then had to cut them apart.

Delicious quiche!

The potatoes kind of rise up some, which I’m not sure is supposed to happen, but it’s delicious!  On the side is another of those Green Giant riced vegetables. Cauliflower, peas, carrot, green pepper.  This was also good, although I liked the sweet potato one better.

It’s back to work for a bit for me!

As I was getting ready to post,  yet again, more violence in the world. Hate breeds hate. Are we ever going to learn that?

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11 thoughts on “World Water Day

  1. Roz

    SOOO sad about London. sigh. My heart hurts. But my heart enjoys the fact you call your water structure “Radiance Falls”.

      1. Lesley

        I also like a potato crust better than a pie crust in my quiches. I find hash browns to be easier to work with. Just pat them into the pie pan, bake for about 10 minutes, and then pour in your quiche filling. They stay slightly more packed into a crust formation than slices do.

        1. Lesley

          ps .. I buy fresh hash browns in the produce &/or dairy section of my grocery store. Not sure how frozen ones would work.

  2. debby

    The clean water thing is a huge concern. A couple of the ministries that I support work at putting clean water wells in the slums and villages where they work.
    debby´s last blog post ..More Spring!

  3. Jody - Fit at 59

    The world needs help in so many ways & even more with 45 in charge of it!!!

    Now that food looks delish & the rising up, 🙂 , even better!!!!

    As for violence, I am afraid it may get worse with 45 there.

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