Spring Flower Show!!

So this is what spring looks like around here right now:

Yuck! The best way to counter all that is the flower show. Had another sister day as Colleen was the person I dragged along with me this year 😀  She really enjoyed it, though. I thought I was going to explode from happiness when we arrived at the show.

This year’s theme was Diamonds and Pearls.  One landscaping company decided to do a theme from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Black Pearl.

Complete with pirate’s booty!

You guys know I was all over these trunks! There were a lot of different trunks used in other displays, too. Happy girl, right here.

Port Royal:

Not sure if you can see on the right side the dog with the keys in his mouth and the hand reaching out.

It’s so amazing to me that they can turn a hockey rink into this in 5 days.

Another section was a woodland trail complete with fallen leaves.


I love how they use birch bark to write the signs.

I was so excited to see Dutchman’s breeches!

They are related to bleeding hearts. Don’t they look like upside down pantaloons?  I actually planted some of these bulbs last fall. I really hope they bloom as they can be difficult to grow. We shall see what happens in my garden!

This display was all vintage and wood. Those lanterns are pretty neat, even though they aren’t my style.


These birdhouses are cool. Not sure if you can see it, but the roofs are made of old tin ceiling tiles.

Garden party:

This was just so charming!

There was a beautiful water feature installed.

One of the stones around this weighed in at 1500 pounds!

The sand sculptor was there as usual.

He chose to follow the Black Pearl theme. He continually works on the display all weekend. Here he is working on the trunk with jewels.

The detail and shading is just amazing. The eyes were painted, which really is a neat effect.

It was so nice to smell all the dirt and flowers.

Spring has to come soon, right?

Here is my favorite shot of the weekend:

Every once in a while I get a picture that hits that sweet spot. If only I could figure out how to do that on the regular LOL! I’m pretty sure this will be made into an enlargement for our wall.

Going to this show helps me get through that last hump before the flowers emerge around here. Now I can’t wait for my garden to bloom!

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9 thoughts on “Spring Flower Show!!

  1. Biz

    Love that you could spend time not only with your sister but in your happy place as well – the garden show! I wish I had a talent in that area, but alas, everything I try to grow dies. 😛

    Here’s hoping the last of your snow melts soon!

  2. Shelley B

    What a pretty show! The birdhouses were really cute – around here, we see a lot made with license plates as the roofs, but the ceiling tiles were neat. Hope your snow melts and you actually get to see your own flowers soon!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Maintenance – What I Eat Now

  3. Fran

    What a lovely show! Hopefully the weather is better by now. We are having Spring temps this week and with longer daylight, it’s a treat. Blowing some of that weather your way.

  4. colleen

    What a cool show. Ive never been to one of these shows…..I wonder if the ones around here are that unique! Super cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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