Lake ride!

It finally feels like we turned a corner around here as far as spring weather goes. Saturday was a little cold, but the sun finally came out.  I did a retail craft show for most of the day. It was a small one and was pretty slow at first, but then I made the majority of sales in the last couple hours, which is kind of weird, but I’ll take it!

Sunday started off at 27 degrees when we woke up. Can you believe that? It ended up warming to 67 degrees by the late afternoon, though.  I measured my plants this morning to see how much they grow in the next couple of days where we are going to get into the 70s. They are about 5 inches or so now:

I think these are allium, but now I don’t remember what I planted. Yet again, I can’t read my chicken scratch from the fall. Did I learn from previous years? Obviously not…

After some chores, it was time to ride. We wanted to get some hill training in and took the bike path to the lake. We weren’t sure if the path would be clear as late last week there was still snow on it. It was about 98% clear all the way to the lake with a couple slushy spots.

We made the first goal of what we call the bitch hill:

Yay!  Then we figured we would keep going and see how much further the path was open.  We ended up at Lake George!

How beautiful is that? It was so blue and clear. A little windy as you can see on the water surface, but so nice to see the lake again! Considering snow runoff and rain, the water was very clear:

You could almost go in, but while it looks inviting, the water is only about 46 degrees. No thank you.

Empty beach.

Tourists will be here soon enough.

After getting to the lake, we had to get home! It’s just as much a climb going back, but we made it. Not super fast, but it’s early in the season.

The snow melt runoff made some little waterfalls:

Not a great picture, but you get the idea. This normally doesn’t look like that in the summer.

Bike path:

Does anyone else see the sasquatch in this picture? The stone outcrop and tree line gave an interesting image LOL! Of course, we’re more likely to run into a bear than Big Foot.

We ended up with 18 miles and some good hill training today! Woooo!!! It really felt great to get out and really ride. Time to start amping up the mileage to get ready for a Saratoga ride!


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  1. Fran

    Beautiful ride Lori, especially Lake George looks beautiful. So happy Spring is coming because your bike posts and your garden posts are always a pleasure to read.

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