Monday Eats

Here’s another day in the food life!

Breakfast was the bananas Foster Kodiak cake, which has been in rotation a couple times a week for a while now.

Topped with some maple syrup. I’m really liking this a lot.

Normally I eat breakfast around 7:00 and start work at 8:00. I almost always need some kind of morning snack unless I’ve had a bagel.  Around 10:30 or so I had this protein bar:

The NuGo are pretty good. Not my favorite (Zone is), but this particular one is quite good. First time trying it.

Lunch time! I’ve been in the mood for egg salad lately, probably because it’s getting warmer out.

I like my egg salad a little on the drier side. Not a big fan of mayo and this is pretty much the only thing I will eat with mayo at all. Never on a sandwich.

Midday it was time for exercise. I did 14 miles of more hill training. It was fairly breezy and, of course, the headwind had to be in my face while climbing uphill. It was 70 degrees when I went out, so I had bike shorts on for the first time in many months. I have to say, I was feeling pretty chunky with the shorts on. They just never are flattering, but then the first time you’ve shed a lot of clothes for the season and it just feels strange. Oh well.

The ride burned about 500 calories. My post ride snack was the usual latte.

Something else I start craving when it gets warm is a big salad. I used to eat this combo a lot a few years ago and then it fell out of favor for some reason. This was dinner:

It’s chicken with BBQ sauce (which is the dressing, basically) topped with feta cheese. It’s kind of a sweet/savory combo. This bowl looks small in the picture, but it’s actually pretty big and I used half a bag of salad mix!

Cashews are in the house and I’m trying to not go overboard on them. They are my favorite nut.

One ounce of nuts isn’t really much and it’s so easy to eat several ounces and then you’ve had 500 calories just in nuts!

Later will be some decaf and probably another York patty when I sit down to relax. 😀

Do you like mayo?

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7 thoughts on “Monday Eats

  1. Helen

    I do like mayonnaise but my favorite is not one that’s available in New England. It’s a southern mayo called Duke’s. I think I like it because it doesn’t have sugar in it. It just tastes good to me. I have to buy it on Amazon though so until the summer potato/pasta/cole slaw salads start up I just buy regular old Hellman’s.

    BBQ chicken on a salad is one of my favorite salads too! I make the chicken in the crockpot so it comes out super tender.
    Helen´s last blog post ..I Wish… A Different Tuesday Ten

    1. Lori Post author

      We buy stuff through Amazon pantry, too. Isn’t it amazing how groceries can be cheaper to have shipped to you than going down the street to the store?

  2. Shelley B

    Ooh, now I’m in the mood for egg salad, too! Yours looks about right – I don’t like a ton of mayo in mine, either.

    As for the shorts – self-tanner, baby. I hate my legs a lot less once I’ve used my Jergen’s tanning lotion a couple times…strange, but true.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..The Day My Brain Went Pffft

    1. Lori Post author

      I have done self-tanner in the past and they never quite look right. I must have some weird pale color. Or non-color LOL

  3. carla

    your CASHEWS are my PISTACHIOS.
    I rock the intuitive moderation on all things—EXCEPT THOSE.
    I have to count out 49 at a time (thats a serving :-))/

  4. debby

    I HATE mayo! I never ever liked it, but then one time when I was probably 10, I had to eat a sandwich at friend’s house, and then I got sick and threw up–which I also HATE. So I avoid mayo religiously. But I do like thousand island dressing…

    I am starting to get into the salad mood too! I might have to try your banana fosters breakfast–that looks so good!
    debby´s last blog post ..Those Scientists!

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