Happy Hump Day!  Or it will probably already be Thursday by the time most of you read this, so happy Thursday 😀

The city came out to do the work on the water access to our house. They had to cut into the driveway at the end. It was pretty noisy:

They got to the valve and now we have a traffic cone at the end of the driveway covering this:

We’re not exactly sure what is going to be happening from here. I assume they will either raise this to the level of the driveway or put a cover over it. We can get in and out of the driveway without a problem thank goodness.

We had some good rain and some of my tulips popped open – finally!  Here is one of the fringed tulips:

Friday’s blooming post will have more, too! I get to go out with my good camera this week and take some pictures.

We did a lot of walking today, 5 miles of walking, and part of that was to dinner tonight. Dizzy Chicken for an inexpensive meal. We had a coupon, too. Always trying to find a deal LOL!  I had the shepherd’s mac and cheese, which was mac and cheese (duh) with seasoned ground beef, peas, carrots, corn and crispy shoestring potatoes.

It’s a fun take on real shepherd’s pie. And tasty. They do a different specialty mac and cheese each week.

Warm dry weather is back, so it will be back on the bike again for the rest of the week!

Ms. Pixie wanted to say hello from her queenly perch:

This is one of her favorite spots, especially if someone is sitting in the chaise. Now I leave the pillows there for her to lay on because – owned by cat.

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11 thoughts on “Tulip!

  1. Lori

    Pixie is SO beautiful! I am owned by a cat as well….know just what you mean!

    That mac & cheese looks Yum! From someone doing a low carb diet, that looks like a little slice of heaven!

    Enjoy your Spring biking!

  2. Helen

    What a perfect name for that tulip. My tulips are blooming too. They are a little bit of cheer against the incessant gray we have been having. I’m ready for sun but it doesn’t seem to want to arrive.

    I wish I could get Mr. Helen to walk to dinner in town, but he won’t. I told him next time, I’m going to walk without him and he can meet me there. Well, unless I have to wear heels for some reason.
    Helen´s last blog post ..New Stuff News

  3. Fran

    Tulip season here is almost over already.

    Pixie is right where she belongs: at the best spot 🙂

    Dinner looks delicious.

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