Climate march

It probably would come as no surprise to anyone who has read this blog for long that when it comes to nature and the environment, I’m pretty passionate. Climate change is real and should not be a political issue. That’s not what this is about. Period. We all breathe the same air.  There hasn’t been an administration yet that has really addressed the environment. The last administration did some things, but they really were just band-aids. It truly is up to the individual to be a good steward for our planet.

Instead of trying to revive a dying fossil fuel industry for jobs, why don’t we invest in training those workers for jobs in alternative fuels? The growth there is huge and is where the jobs are. This is why politics shouldn’t enter in to it. It just messes stuff up and prevents real and true solutions.

Anyway, there were a little over 500 people at our town march. It was a nice turnout. We gathered in the park downtown before starting.

This man was walking around on stilts:

I don’t know if he walked the mile that we did or not as I didn’t see him afterwards. He was booking around the waiting area, though. It was pretty amazing. I wonder how one gets down from the stilts?

I had my shirt on:

Here are some of the signs.


This one was my favorite:

It was a very orderly march. We snaked along in a big line, stopped at traffic lights and stayed on the sidewalks. The route was about a mile long. Once we got to the park, I took a picture of the line stretched out behind:

One in the park, there were speakers and music. It went on for a few hours, although John and I left shortly after the first speech.

We walked home from there. Our total ended up around 3.5 miles of walking for that including our walk to and from home. We spent time doing yard work and then took a shorter bike ride since we already did a lot. That meant heading up to Lake George!

It was an overcast day. The weather really changed this weekend back to cold and windy. Yuck. We picked up treats and sat by the lake to eat:

Black and white cookie!!

With the cooler weather, it was nice to sit out by our fire pit.

This was when it first started, so the flames were a little high at first LOL!  We have a lot of branches and wood to burn in the fire pit this summer.

On a happy note, this year our magnolia tree bloomed! Last year a frost came and killed all the buds before they opened. This year it didn’t get cold enough at night and the pretty flowers arrived:

Nature is a beautiful thing.

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12 thoughts on “Climate march

    1. Lori Post author

      It is pretty. I’m not totally sure it’s very healthy. At some point we need to have an arborist come look at that and another tree we have and give an opinion.

  1. Helen

    Your march had a great turnout! I keep hearing people say all these marches won’t change anything, but I disagree. The change might not happen over night, but if we all keep at it, change will come.

    Pretty magnolia!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Memorial Melt

    1. Lori Post author

      One guy yelled out his window while driving by “I love gas”. What a twerp. Why the need to comment like that and sound like an ass?

  2. Shelley B

    OMG, the pink magnolia blossoms! I’ve only seen white – your tree is so pretty!

    Love your shirt; good on you and John for showing up and marching. It feels like the 60s with these marches, but it also feels so necessary.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..@#$%^&*!

  3. Jody - Fit at 59

    What a great turnout Lori!!!!! We had a decent one here too for this conservative area of southern CA. I could not do it since we ran errands so we could get together with my hubby’s stepdaughter here out of town. We definitely need to protect our planet from 45!

    I will take that cookie!!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 59´s last blog post ..Birthday Time Again!

  4. Lesley

    That’s a great turnout for your march. And you’re so correct; this is not political, this affects all of us and we shouldn’t be debating this any longer.

  5. Fran

    I love magnolia’s, here season is already over. It’s a pity they aren’t blooming very long since they are so pretty.

    I heard on the news that there were many climate marches all over the US. Here in Amsterdam there was a climate march too.

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