What’s Blooming!

Another Friday and more blooms. I did a little plant shopping:

Some $2.99 perennials, including Hollyhock, shasta daisy and agastache. Plus some annuals. In the back are some biennials that I grew from seed. I actually had really good luck and have about 14 plants that I’m hardening off now. They are wall flowers. Hopefully they will be blooming this year LOL! The one big container on the right is one of those ready-to-go pots that you just plop into a container.  Here it is in said container:

This plant stand (with pot) was sitting out at the curb by the trash in front of someone’s house. It was too nice to throw away, so it came home with me.  It fills the space in this garden bed while my hydrangea grows from puny to regular size.

The tulips are still going strong:

The Catherine tulips really are gorgeous. If you want a pure white tulip, that’s the one to get.

The aliums are just starting to open up and this one sent out some strange stalk out of it. I don’t know what this will look like opened up 😀



My shade garden is still struggling. I don’t know why I have a tough time with shady areas.

To be fair, the plants are still really small since it has been so cold. My Solomon Seal has come up:

These are very cool. I don’t know how well they multiply, but I will get more if they don’t. Those little flower buds are very neat.

The magnolia tree has lost all its spring blossoms.

I was standing under the tree and it was snowing petals.

We have lots and lots of lawn violets.

I have half a mind to just do the whole front hell strip in violets. I wonder if that would work?

The last of the Cilesta tulips.

These will be gone by the end of next week, I’m sure.

While I was out in the back, a cat bird was making a lot of noise. I don’t think it was making them at me even though it was pretty close.

They are just noisy birds.

Probably little to no biking this weekend as rain is going to come in. I do hope to get the rest of those plants in the ground in between raindrops. 😀  Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Those violets go where they want to go! I transplant some, and I dig some up and discard, and others I just let go where they seem the happiest.

    Hmmm. We’re both having trouble with our shade gardens! I am going to look for that Solomon’s Seal–very cool. Today I bought my very first hosta–variegated leaves that I liked.

    The cat bird is so pretty! This year, for the first time in several years, I am enjoying the morning birds singing. I think the drought drove some of them away, because it seemed pretty silent for a while.
    debby´s last blog post ..Garden Stuff

  2. Jody - Fit at 59

    Absolutely beautiful; Lori!!!!! I love your blooms!!!

    Sorry about the rain.. I did not run last weekend due to rain here at my running time…

    We have crows here that are as obnoxious as all hell! 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 59´s last blog post ..Birthday Time Again!

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