Found money and finished desk

Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you all had a great weekend. We bought breakfast for my parents this morning at Panera. We should probably go out for a nicer breakfast for Mother’s Day, but the crowds. Goodness!

Our weather was nice on Friday. It’s getting warm enough for our downtown walks on Friday for a beer. That’s only a warm weather thing because I don’t want a cold beverage in winter. It was even nice enough to sit outside at night.

This was a red ale and not a pale ale – it was just in this glass. I don’t like the pale ales at all.

It was supposed to be rainy on Saturday, but it was just cloudy when we got up, so I decided to risk going for a ride. John declined. It was one of those times when you go for a bit, check the radar, keep going, check the radar, and so on. I was able to just keep going enough to get in 18 miles!  Yeah! Especially on a day when no riding was expected.

I also lucked out. As I was zooming down the road, I caught a flash and thought “was that money?” I turned around and sure enough, a squished bill was in the road. Turns out it was a $20 bill! I feel bad for whomever lost it, but I appreciate finding it.

Lunch was on me!  John suggested going to Saratoga for lunch at BurgerFi.  This place is good. It’s like 5 Guys, only a little more atmosphere.

Good thing I rode 18 miles…

Eldest NY niece got a last minute date for prom, which is next weekend. It was a scramble for a dress and I met them at a local store that had bought out a closing bridal/formal boutique.

There were lots of choices and Logan finally settled on nice dress. I actually tried a dress on myself. It was a sequined cocktail dress. Super cute and only $40, but really – I have no idea where to wear it. I’ll just spend that money on flowers for the garden 😀

This weekend I finished my desk! That was on my goal list for May and with rainy weather, I knocked that out.

Again, here was the before look.

I was able to save the top, which really made me happy. Finished up:

Closer look at the top:

I love the grain. It’s so pretty.  The desk cost $50 and the hardware was $7.  I used paint and stain we already had, so for $57, this turned out really nice!

If only I could summon up as much excitement to clean my closet…

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14 thoughts on “Found money and finished desk

  1. Kim

    That desk is beautiful and looks like it was custom made for that corner. Ayiyi, do the closet. I need inspiration and motivation.

  2. Biz

    My Mom and I ate at Mariano’s grocery store today! We stopped eating out on Mother’s Day a long time ago – too expensive, we always felt rushed, and just not worth it.

    That desk turned out amazing!! Love, love the top.

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s a great desk. I was using it before I started redoing it. Now I just have to be more careful with it LOL!

  3. Helen

    My mom refuses to go out for Mother’s Day – she hates the crowds and the cost so we just keep it simple. Sometimes we don’t even eat together, just stop by for a visit.

    Your desk came out great! You are going to be so happy sitting there doing your desk things. And you could say that desk only cost $37 since you found the twenty 😉

  4. Another Lori

    Ooh, I love the desk! The top is gorgeous and I love the white paint and new drawer pulls. Way to go!!

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