Diet To Go Sample #1

A few years ago I was contacted by Diet To Go about reviewing their products, but then they didn’t have delivery to my area. Now they do, so I agreed to try a few sample days.

Diet To Go is a home meal delivery service. It’s fresh cooked food, vacuum packed and shipped in a cold pack box.

They have pick-up locations in several major cities across the US, so that is an option if you live near one. You can find distribution sites on their website.  If you have it shipped, it is about $20 for shipping.

The 21-day meal plan costs $142 for 21 meals, although I think that can change depending on your menu.  There are several meal plans to choose from such as balanced, carb controlled, and vegetarian.  I chose the balanced meals.

I’ll be reviewing the 3 days separately as it’s just too much for one post.  My initial thought on this program is the packaging. The environmentalist in me cringes at all the packaging. Now the trays are recyclable, but the wrap isn’t and then there are the cold packs. You can only keep so many.  But on to the food.  Here are my menus:

The balance meals alone are 1200 ish calories. I had to add more food since we are in biking season and after a 17-mile ride today, 1200 calories isn’t enough LOL!  My choice for breakfast today was the apple pancakes.  It came with 2 rolled pancakes with apple filling, 2 turkey sausages and a little pack of imitation maple syrup:

Calories for this meal were 280 and I supplemented with some apple compote and my coffee.  This tasted pretty good. The directions were to microwave for 60-90 seconds. I think in the future I would actually  pan cook the sausage rather than microwave it to brown it a bit. The pancakes were soft and I liked them. Not a fan of the imitation syrup, though. Real maple gal here.

Of note, the literature that came with it stated to plate the food nicely for yourself, so I did. I would have anyway. 🙂

Lunch was Waldorf salad. Calories around 450.

The stuff in the bowl is a crispy snack mix:

I did not drink the V8 as I hate tomato juice. I’ll save that for someone who likes it.  This was my favorite meal of the day. The chicken salad was really good! Tasted very fresh. It was real chunks of chicken and not what you might find in, say, a Lean Cuisine. There were bits of celery and dried cranberries (?) . I actually ended up dumping the snack mix on top and eating it together which gave a great combination of soft and crunch, sweeter and saltier.  If I did this program, I would definitely keep this one on the menu.

For dinner I had the blackened salmon:

The instructions were to heat for 2-3 minutes. I found that the sides were really hot after that, but not the salmon, so I removed the vegetables and continued heating the salmon for another couple minutes. The filets were thick.  Plated nicely:

This was a *lot* of food. I seasoned the brussels as they were just steamed. They were small and tender. Maybe a bit on the bitter side. I really enjoyed the spinach and cauliflower souffle. That was tasty and very fluffy. The salmon was pretty good. You all know I have that love/hate thing with fish and I was concerned this would taste really fishy. It didn’t. Not as good as freshly cooked salmon, but way better than frozen. It was quite moist, too. That surprised me. Very lightly seasoned – I could have used more blackening seasoning. I was stuffed after eating all of this meal! It was so filling, probably because of the fatty salmon. Lots of veggies with that meal, too. Go me!

I burned about 600 calories on my ride today, so on this day, I supplemented with the apple compote in the first picture, a protein bar split before and after my workout, my afternoon latte and (being honest) some pretzels while heating dinner. Plus a couple peppermint patties for my snack.

I’ll recap the other 2 days next week. Overall first impression is pretty good.


**Disclaimer: I was sent this product free for review. Opinions are mine

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9 thoughts on “Diet To Go Sample #1

  1. Kim

    Wow, I’m surprised that breakfast was only 280 calories. I struggle with having breakfast options with protein. During the school year I have a hard boiled egg every single morning so I give those a break over the summer. I think that breakfast looks pretty tasty, but yes, browned sausages look more appealing and probably have a bit more flavor. Interesting post- seems like there are lots of these delivery companies.

    1. Lori Post author

      For protein, try the Kodiak Cakes protein mix. There is 14 grams in a serving of pancakes. There are a lot of these companies. I think it has to do with busy people not taking the time to cook.

    2. Lori Post author

      And it was 280 for the pancakes and sausage. Adding my apple side and coffee it ends up about 380.

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