Thursday things

I’ve been trying to pull together a post, but my blog thoughts are about as scattered as the rest of my thoughts, so here are some of those random things.

-Why do people use “continue reading” for their blogs still? I’m having trouble keeping up with blogs and personal social media as it is. There is a reason I have a blog reader – so I can read the blogs! I’m not clicking and going to a site to read the rest. Sorry. Not sorry.

– Baby bunnies are the cutest things ever. I hate the damage they do to my garden and I yell “Stay out of my garden!!” and then “But you are so cute!” I’m a sucker.

– Misogyny masquerading as a compliment is still misogyny.

-I have always hated hashtags. For whatever reason, they annoy me to no end. With growing our business social media accounts, I  have had to use them. Kicking and screaming I’m being forced to use hashtags.  And of course it’s working in growing the accounts (which annoys me). Still not doing Snapchat, though.

-I wrote my first word of Portuguese. A customer sent an email that said “Gostei muito dos produtos !!” , which I thought was Spanish until I tried translating it. Turns out it is Portuguese. It says “I really like your products”. So using babelfish, I translated “thank you”, which should be “Obrigado”. That’s what I wrote them, so I hope it’s correct! 

-Allowing others to help me is really difficult. I’m so independent that I really struggle with not doing things. With my shoulder issues, pulling on the lawnmower cord is a big no-no. I really hate the fact that when I want to mow the lawn (we alternate), I have to ask John to come and start it for me. It’s for my own good, but the stubborn independent in me is having a hard time accepting that.

Maybe all this stuff in my head is from insomnia, which has come into active phase again.

That’s when I start contemplating stuff like this:


Lots of stuff rolling around the noggin 😀  Good thing tomorrow is a garden post!

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11 thoughts on “Thursday things

  1. Lynn Haraldson

    I’m with you! Hate the click bait (that’s what continue reading is….advertisers are relentless). Still hate hashtags. Hate misogyny in any form. Love bunnies. And you!

  2. Helen

    So much of this post made me chuckle. My brain is exactly like this most of the time so I feel for you.

    I’m sorry about your insomnia – I’m in a sleeping phase right now and hoping it lasts as long as possible.

    Hashtags don’t bother me at all on Instagram but I’m not a fan of them on Facebook. Except for this one comedian I follow on FB – half his story he tells with hashtags, which I find funny for some reason. Or maybe I’m just getting more immune to them.

  3. debby

    I have insomnia about every other week! And the week I sleep well, I completely forget that I have a problem sleeping, so when it happens again, its so irritating.

    Looking forward to the blooms!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Pre-Op!

    1. Lori Post author

      The day after an insomnia run ends, I can’t believe how good it feels to sleep. But you are right, you do forget about the problem when you aren’t having it!

  4. Shelley B

    I have no problem sleeping…at 5:00 pm. Sigh. Yeah, I’m wayyy off.

    I hate continue reading as well. I’ve bitched about it on my blog but people STILL do it – I can’t believe my power didn’t make them change! 😉 It’s for revenue, I guess, but geez. So annoying, there’s only a couple who I actually will click through. And even then I’m resentful, LOL.

    Oh, you know how on FB, sometimes there will be a clickbait story that you might want to see until you realize that it’s going to take 12hundred clicks to get to the point? I’ve realized that if you click on the comments, usually someone will post what the ultimate picture or story end was, so I still get to know the end without having to click – because at this point, I refuse to click.

    I don’t like hashtags either. I use them on Instagram, but you should see me, when I want to post a picture (which is rare) – I can’t figure out what to hashtag. I hate it when some (OK, a lot) of people use a million hashtags, and especially ones that are so long I can’t read…so again, I just don’t read them.

    BTW, I’m not cranky, I’m just 50+ and don’t care anymore.

    Obrigado is correct – my high school boyfriend’s mother was (still is, actually, HA) Portuguese, so I heard that word a lot.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..FMM – Yarn But No Knitting

  5. Jody - Fit at 59

    You need to do a post on your business social media accounts again! I thought I was following but obviously I am not… :O

    45 keeps me up at night & irritated all day long – and of course what is happening to this country & the policies & all that – I wish I could walk away from it but I am consumed with him ruining us & being such an asshole in general.

    OK sorry – I digress…

    LOVE that soap one!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 59´s last blog post ..It is HAPPY BDAY Time Again!

  6. Lisa

    Yeah I hate the “read more…” on blogs. It’s annoying! I usually read blogs in my Feedly (I REALLY miss Google Reader) and if it’s something I want to comment on, I send it to myself to do later. But it’s definitely harder to keep up with stuff these days.

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