Snippet of Lake George

One thing about living in our area is that during the warmer months, there is sooooo much going on. You could do some sort of event pretty much every night if you wanted.

Each Wednesday night now through August is music at Lake George. These are free evening concerts held outside.

We took the trolley from near our house to the lake. That way we didn’t have to find parking and deal with the tourist traffic.  It costs $1 each way, which is really a bargain I think. It also gives us a chance to see a route different than what we see on our bikes.

Here are shots of our gorgeous lake:


These are a new thing. You can rent this little tiki bar and take it out onto the lake.

The concert was Latin jazz this week.

It’s a nice venue. Very informal and you just sit wherever you find a spot or put your chair. I felt a little sorry for the band at the start because the sun was coming in at an angle right in their faces!

After listening to music, we walked around being a little touristy and checked out shops. I also admired the landscaping work done by the village. They do a good job.



All the rain we have had lately and things are just so lush.

Sunset on the lake and time to take the trolley back home!

We are very fortunate to have such beauty around us.


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10 thoughts on “Snippet of Lake George

  1. Helen

    This makes me want to come visit! I can’t imagine getting any kind of ride at all around here for only $1 – what a great thing for you to have available. I’m sure I’d be attending the concerts often, especially not having to drive.

  2. Fran

    Better late than never, I am catching up on blogs as of this week so it might take a while before I respond.

    Love it that there is so much to do in your town. In my town we have some Summer activities but that has been the same for the 24 years I’m living here. Never something new and we don’t go anymore because it’s always same old same old.

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