What’s Blooming!

Welcome Friday! This was a weird week. It was like we had two Mondays (I worked Monday) and now I don’t even know what day it feels like today. 😀

Lots of stuff going on in the gardens right now. This is Liatris.

Also called Gayfeather. It comes in white and purple. This purple one is named Kobold, which always reminds me of my old Dungeons & Dragons days many eons ago. Not that I want to show my age or anything…

Balloon flowers:

It does look like a hot air balloon festival, doesn’t it? I have one white and two blues. The white one isn’t even close to blooming yet and it’s right next to these two. Go figure.


Open – same flower the next morning:

They are just so much fun!

This is Supreme Cantaloupe coneflower:

It’s not quite as robust as last year. I moved it last fall and I’m not sure it was really happy about that. Hopefully it adapts better.

The Cheyenne Spirit coneflowers are going gangbusters:

I love all the different colors from the same plant. These are putting out a ton of baby plants, too. I’m going to let some grow and see if they look like the parent plant or not. Many times seedlings don’t look like the parent, so it could be interesting.

Speaking of seedlings, I had a Jacob’s ladder plant last year and it didn’t survive the winter. However, I notice that I have probably 6 baby plants!

I’m hoping that since these self-seeded they will have a better chance at making it through the winter.

I picked up some more Astilbe to fill in the shade bed:

Here are some that I planted a couple years ago:

For some reason, they aren’t very bushy. They grow very low to the ground and send up a couple of flower spikes.

Another view of my shade  bed:

This is a fun surprise plant:

In the summer of 2015, I bought some lily bulbs from a big box store. They were supposed to bloom that summer. Well, nothing came up at all, so I planted around them with other stuff. In fact, I kind of forgot where they were. Well, 2 years later and now they came up and bloomed. Right by my Baptisia and irises. 😀

Here are the tall old-fashioned daylilies:

Just to the left where the red flowers are is my neighbor’s yard. Our garden borders define the property since the fence came down.

For the pollinators, Butterfly weed:

Here is Audrey all grown up:

Doesn’t quite look so monstrous now. Interesting shape, too. That’s a Shasta daisy.

Closeup of a normal bloom:

This drumstick Allium isn’t quite blooming, but I thought it looked really cool like this:

Garden is in full swing here at Radiance Manor!

Here’s hoping for a good cupcake ride this weekend. The weather should cooperate, hopefully!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Kim

    You do such a fantastic job of planning so you always have something blooming. Do you ever have to stake your balloon flowers? I have quite a few of those, but they won’t stand upright. Sorry for the continual Friday Q & A.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you for asking questions – I never get tired of talking about gardening!! These are shorter balloon flowers, less than 2 feet tall, so they don’t need staking.

  2. debby

    Its so interesting to see what does well on your coast and does not do well for me here in the mountains. The balloon flowers? Even though I had a few blooms this year, they have NEVER been anything like the volume of blooms you have! Also, I have astilbe in two places, and neither has ever done that well. I like to give flowers plenty of chance, but once something shows its just not going to produce, it just gives me a little space to try something else! I’ve never had luck with coneflowers either, but I might give them another shot. We have the Cheyenne Spirit at our local nursery, and I keep looking at them. That drumstick allium is very cool looking!
    debby´s last blog post ..Chickens Move Outside!

    1. Lori Post author

      These balloon flowers seem to love this spot. They are the shorter variety and maybe that is why they bloom so prolifically.

  3. Helen

    Everything is so pretty. I just have to tell you, because of your What’s Blooming posts I run by yards with flowers and think things like “oh, that’s a cone flower” “look at that tipsy pot with waving petunias” – thoughts I never would have had, EVER!

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