Colorado trip

We just returned from a trip out to Colorado. We arrived late on Thursday night and came back on Tuesday. We stayed in Greeley.

The reason for the trip was John’s sister and her partner of 20 years got married! 

There was a lot of last minute planning to do on Friday and part of Saturday before the ceremony. After it was finished, there was some work to be done at the reception. It was held in an art gallery, which was really neat. I wish I had a chance to actually get pictures in there, but it was so busy I didn’t get a chance. The gallery has a nice open space with a sound system area and hardwood floor for dancing. It’s such a great idea for a gallery to get exposure and bring in money by holding receptions.

John and I set up the beverage area and mixed up the sangria. The gallery has a little coffee shop attached to it, which was our food and drink area.  John behind the counter!

He’s so cute <3  It was fun doing all that.  One of Sarah and Cathy’s friends made some home brewed beer for the ceremony as well, with a homemade “kegerator”!

A good time was had for sure! Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

After the first couple of nights, John and I moved over to a B&B for the remainder of our stay. It was the Currier Inn:

Interesting note, John and I lived 2 houses away from this when it was being built in 1998!

It is an octagon shape all throughout.

Our view in the dining room:

John did play this piano and it was really out of tune LOL. He didn’t play it for long.

Our host didn’t seem to quite know what to do with a vegetarian, which is so surprising to me.  They’ve owned the B&B for a few years and you would think other vegetarians would have stayed there. She asked if we were okay with eggs and cheese since everyone else was having some sort of meat filled entree. I ate veggie, too, as I figured it would be easier.

Simple, but good. The B&B was quite nice, although we both thought the price was a little high for the overall experience there.

We spent the trip visiting, playing games and walking. No trips to the mountains this time.

I did have one of the best cookies I’ve had in a loong time!

Ginger cookie with a lemon cream cheese filling. This cookie seemed like it was made just for me!  I kept talking about how good it was 😀

Greeley has been doing some nice things with art in the downtown area including murals in an alley.

Other than being in an alley and kind of “fragrant” on a hot day, it was very cool.


It was so hard for me to take a picture without my sunglasses on on a bright day.  It was pretty hot while we were there – in the 90s.

The trip went by all too quickly.

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10 thoughts on “Colorado trip

  1. Lori's Better Half (John)

    Happy Wedded Bliss, Sarah & Cathy! It was great seeing everybody. I think the reception was the highlight.

  2. Helen

    First of all congratulations to John’s sister! That cake looks amazing and what a fun place to hold a reception. I just love that sort of thing.

    The B&B owner should maybe ask about dietary needs when the reservation is made?

    How fun to be back visiting your old stomping grounds. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

    1. Lori Post author

      We did let the owner know ahead of time and even reminded her at checkin, so that was what was surprising,

  3. Lesley

    Congrats to the happy couple. Being together for 20 years is true commitment; may they have 20 more. And that cookie looks amaaaazing!

  4. Shelley B

    How fun to celebrate an obviously devoted couple – 20 years together already! Best wishes to the brides. 🙂

    Do you wish you still lived in Colorado, after having visited again? And seeing the bike path – oooh, what fun that would have been!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update

  5. elizabeth

    We were in Colorado over the weekend also! In Colorado Springs. Went to a Hall & Oates concert, Pikes Peak, white water rafting & zip lining. It was HOT! I thought it would be cooler out there 🙂

  6. Fran

    What a lovely long weekend away and for a festive reason.

    Maybe the B&B was a bit too pricy and weird that they didn’t know what to do with vegetarians but it looks like a really nice place.

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