Saratoga Cupcake Ride!

Finally we got down to Saratoga. Our legs were definitely itching for a long ride as it has been a few weeks.  That means cupcake time!

The ride down to Saratoga is not that exciting. It’s not as nice as how we used to go at our old house. It’s mostly along the main road with a couple of side tracks:

We packed lunches to have down there, so I needed to stop about halfway down to have a bit of a snack:

It was a cloudy day and only about 80 degrees, but pretty humid. I’m glad it wasn’t really sunny and humid!  We arrived in Saratoga and went to Congress Park to eat lunch.

This weekend started the horse track season and it was really quiet downtown because most people were at the track, which made it nice and peaceful.  My lunch:

That just looks like bread, but it’s a sandwich 😀

After eating, we strolled around the park.



There was one duck with a little clutch of ducklings. Late in the season for these:

Baby ducks are just little puffs of cuteness. I wanted to gather them all up! 😀

Very nice landscaping. John was actually naming flowers that we passed. I guess he does listen when I natter on about my garden!


The carousel:

It’s a very, very nice park.

After walking around for a while, it was time for the purpose of our ride!

We got some coffee and our cupcakes. Mine was cookies and cream:

This picture doesn’t really show how big this cupcake is. We call them gut bombs because that is what they are LOL!  Soooo good and super sweet. You would never want to eat a whole one of these without a 40 mile ride, that’s for sure!

We headed on home pretty uneventfully. We made good time, probably powered by some sugar 😀


Ride stats:

Total miles: 41.49

Average speed: 14 miles per hour

Saddle time: 2 hours 57 minutes

Calories burned: 1244  – half of which was replaced by the cupcake!


Legs are still feeling great for the season. It’s hard to believe that we are approaching August already!


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6 thoughts on “Saratoga Cupcake Ride!

  1. Kim

    Yay for rides, cupcakes, and John’s ability to ID flowers. Kevin calls EVERYTHING a vinca. When it actually is a vinca I make sure and ask him so he occasionally gets one right;)

  2. Jody

    What beauty for you!! I love al the green & just peace of the pics!!!

    I would probably eat that whole cupcake with a 40 mile ride! 🙂

    Do they have good bread there?
    Jody´s last blog post ..Happy Happy Birthday!

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