Meadowbrook Preserve

Sunday I did a little solo hike. The afternoon was really nice and I decided I wanted some foot work instead of bike work.  Since I was going alone, it’s all about safety and I went to our local nature preserve, which you can’t get lost in and is really close to home.

It was a sea of Joe Pye weed and goldenrod:


There are several loop trails through this totaling 2-2.5 miles all together. I went around most of them with a little doubling back. I brought the Rebel along for pictures today. The preserve is as flat as can be, so carrying camera gear is not a problem.


Enjoying the day!



I heard lots of Jays, saw some Red winged blackbirds, but no turkeys. We do see turkeys around when riding sometimes.



Sea o’ ferns:

I don’t know what made this hole, but I didn’t want to stick my camera in there!



Back out in the goldenrod meadow. It was full of bees.

My nose was running a little bit during this hike.

All in all a beautiful day. Between my other walking and intervals, I ended up with about 7 miles on the day!  It’s good to be active.

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6 thoughts on “Meadowbrook Preserve

  1. Helen

    That’s a lovely place to take a walk. And I agree – there are times when the last thing I want to do is sit around. I just feel better when I’m a little active most days!

  2. Fran

    Oh wow what a beautiful hike and such good weather.

    I always hike alone and sometimes I walk somewhere thinking “well if I drop dead here, it can take days before someone finds me” 🙂 I am never afraid except when a dog approaches us that I don’t really trust but my fear is that Bella is attacked, not for myself.

    But since I hike everywhere in the Netherlands, I always leave a copy at home from the route I will take and where I will park my car. In case I’m not coming home, R. knows where to look for me.

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