October PSA


October is breast cancer awareness month, even though every month you should be doing your own self exams. I had my mammogram this year.

If you are not insured, you may be eligible for a free mammogram. You can find information on that at the National Breast Cancer Foundation where they can help you find a facility near you – or through the CDC program called NBCCEDP

Early detection is key for the best outcome.

I just realized that I forgot to do my pink pictures for October like I have done in the past. Life has been a bit of a scramble lately and it slipped my mind. Then I downloaded some pictures from my camera from today:

That will do!  Please click on this site to help fund those free mammograms for people in need.

This was showing the increase in layers for biking now. Finger gloves are needed early in the day. It was 33 degrees this morning; however – we hit almost 70 degrees by the afternoon! It is crazy, crazy weather.

Still lots of butterflies, too. The are loving the zinnias.

They had best be moving on to warmer climates soon!

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5 thoughts on “October PSA

  1. Helen

    It’s very, very important to get mammograms! It’s such a simple process and can literally save a life. My healthcare system just switched over to the 3D high definition ones and the tech let me see the pictures. Amazing technology.

    I agree about the crazy weather. Our weather folks posted a graph yesterday showing this October to be the 3rd hottest on record for the CT shoreline. Right now I have all my running clothes in rotation – shorts, capris, and long pants!

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