Lower carb day

It’s getting to be the season of eating coming up, although truthfully I’ve already started with the candy corn! 😀

Lisa posted the other day about eating low carb and how it was a little difficult for her. I commented about trying to do low carb for a few days a week rather than every day and got me thinking that I should start doing that now with the eating season and all.  So, here is example of Monday’s lower carb day.

Now – keep in mind that it’s lower carb, not really low carb. I don’t do well with really low carbs (that’s just me) and I’m not interested in giving up my fruit. I also don’t subtract fiber from my carb count like a real low carb person. Basically my lower carb is just eating less grain items.

Anyhoo – on to the eats. Breakfast was a 1-minute muffin done in a waffle iron topped with blueberries:

Coffee with heavy cream, which is pretty rich. This breakfast was pretty filling.

Lunch time was a quick 2 egg + egg white cheese omelet:

I love omelets – love them! I eat them several times a week.

I got little hungry later and this would be a time where I would grab a bit of cereal as a snack to tide me over. Instead, I had a spoonful of this stuff:

It’s solid at this time of year, so it was just a chunk of it. I forgot how much I like this. Yum!  I could easily go overboard eating it, so I have to be careful as it is high calorie.

Latte snack later. This is where more of my carbs come in with the milk.

Dinner was a classic for me. Chicken with pan sauteed broccoli:

This looks small, but it was 6-7 ounces of chicken (with Frank’s Red Hot on it).

Evening snack with football:

I ended the day with about 75 grams of carbs, mostly from fruit and dairy. I think if I subtracted the fiber from my day it was around 50? Again, I don’t do it that way.

It’s a good way to switch things up and knowing I’m only doing a few days a week of it makes it easy to stick to because I know the next day I can have, say, a bagel if I want 😀

Today’s pink picture is Ms. Pixie’s harness and leash:

She loves her harness and she will go over to the door and put her front feet up on the door patiently waiting so I can buckle the harness on her. She is pretty smart when it comes to that. Not so smart with other things, but I still love her 😀

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11 thoughts on “Lower carb day

  1. Kim

    Oh my, I need a pic of Miss Pixie saying, “Human, we go outside now.”

    I’m inspired to try a lower carb day. I always have trouble with snacks.

  2. Shelley B

    I’ve never heard of coconut butter. I give Paco coconut oil for his skin issues, but I wonder if he’d like the butter better?

    Some days I consciously make an effort to not eat grainy carbs, like I’ll have a veggie sautee with ground turkey, but not pair it with rice. Other days, I have a sandwich. I don’t think I could go all in with any particular way of eating, but this seems to balance things out enough.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..WWU – All the Exercise!

    1. Lori Post author

      You should try the coconut butter – it’s really good. It’s not smooth like coconut oil because it is ground coconut. I bet Paco would love it.

  3. Helen

    Do you remember Chris Powell? He’s a trainer who got semi-famous from doing dramatic weight-loss makeovers with extremely obese people. His whole approach to eating (whether trying to lose weight or not) is to carb cycle.

    When you have the approach that you do (I also do this), it’s much easier to handle, especially if you like grainy carbs. I know I can totally get through a day without if I know I can have some rice the next.

    I will admit though, my big carb downfall, starting now until January is candy and desserts. Which has nothing to do with grains haha!

  4. emmaclaire

    I’m like you, Lori – not low-carb, more just reduced-carb, and unwilling to give up my fruit! That day of eats looks great, lots of good food there. One thing I find I do miss when trying to have a low carb day is the crunch of pretzels or crackers. I haven’t found anything yet that replaces that mouth-feel for me. So I admire you being successful curbing the snackies with the coconut butter. I do love coconut, so it might be worth giving it a try. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Lisa

    I’ve never heard of coconut butter either. Sounds interesting!
    Yay for lower carb days. (Not really LOL) Glad you are trying it. And I like your idea better–doing it like half the time instead of torturing yourself for weeks on end.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Diet Update #1

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