What’s Blooming!

Winding down, winding down. It’s just about November and it will be time to retire my Friday posts.  The garden actually still looks pretty decent.

My mums with the darker one finally matching the pink one:

I love this color combination. The orange foliage is from the balloon flowers. Those are pretty sensitive to cold. They come up very late in the spring and we have had a couple really cold nights, which nipped the foliage. Looks cool, though.

Marigolds with some new blooms:

There is also new growth on my butterfly bush. See all the bluish gray leaves versus darker green ones in this picture?

The bluish color is all new growth, which is pretty unusual on this plant in late October.  It even has a bloom!

I’m still waiting on the flowering tobacco:

I really don’t know why they just stayed like this. I will be digging up at least one of them this weekend to bring inside.

More zinnias:

All the new zinnia blooms are closer to the ground or very short, which is interesting.

That’s it for the garden this week. I do have to share this photo I took last night. It had rained all day and then the sun almost was coming through the clouds at sunset and it made the sky into a flame:

Isn’t that crazy? I took this picture through a window at a restaurant, which is why there are those reflections in it. FYI.

With the end of What’s Blooming, how about a flashback to a pink spring for today’s pink picture!

Don’t forget to click!

Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Those chrysanthemums are crazy beautiful. I need to get some and put them in pots somewhere where they won’t bother me until fall 🙂 And the sunset picture absolutely looks like its a picture of a huge fire!
    debby´s last blog post ..This ‘n That

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