Happy Halloween!

One more day until candy corn is 50% off – woo hoo!!!  Then it will be gone for another year.

Saturday we did our annual pumpkin carving. This was after our hike and standing for a few hours in the evening probably didn’t do my legs any favors as they were pretty sore come Sunday.

I think we need a bigger table or smaller pumpkins. Maybe both LOL!

I decided to go with I guess a steampunk skull?

We had 3 painters and 4 carvers this year.

And of course, a gathering is not complete without the food!

Finger foods because it was just easier.

My sister made those pumpkin pocket pies (ham and cheese – with some plain cheese for John).

Finished pumpkins:

My youngest niece is super talented at drawing. She hand painted her pumpkin with no pattern:

She’s very into anime.


Glitter is evil. It’s days later and it’s still everywhere LOL!

I put some glitter on the stem of my pumpkin, which came out fun!


Happy and safe Halloween!

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