White Christmas

Things have finally come under control around here! Yay!  I was up to my eyeballs filling little jars the last week:

I ended up doing 250 of these little jars. This was for 2 wholesale orders, which came in within a day of each other. Wholesale orders are not too common in late December, but these were both subscription boxes.  Those are definitely a game changer as far as wholesale goes. I’ve done 4 of them now.  They are nice as far as the size of orders, but unlike a regular store order that is a selection, the boxes are one single item. I did a box that ordered 175 bars of a single soap scent.


We are getting a big snowstorm today. We already had snow on the ground, but this sure does guarantee a white Christmas:

Not sure how much we will get when all is said and done, but I think we are at least up to 6 inches so far and still snowing.  It sure looks pretty!

I am actually taking an extra day off next week and keeping the businesses closed on 12/26. I need to take a break and get things in some semblance of order around here. 😀

John and I are hosting the family dinner on Christmas Eve again as per tradition. Nobody is going anywhere today with the weather, so it’s time to cookie bake!  We are pretty ready for the holiday. Gifts are all wrapped and we have shopped for the dinner food.

Time to enjoy the tree, along with Ms. Pixie:

That’s her new favorite spot. Now that the radiators are on for winter, the tree gives her a hiding spot and warmth. Kitty heaven!

Have a safe holiday everyone!

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