Holiday festivities

Is anyone else messed up about what day it is? I keep forgetting LOL.  It’s nice having Christmas on a Monday.  This is one of the first Christmases in a few years that I didn’t have a job where I needed to at least check in if not being scheduled to work.  Yay!

John and I hosted the Christmas Eve dinner as we have for probably the last 8+ years? It’s been quite a while.

It was my turn to make The Cake this year, too.

Kind of looks like Jabba the Hut. The frosting is molten hot when it goes on the cake and you have to keep scooping back onto the cake. Wait too long and it will crystallize solid before it gets spread on. The frosting has to be done in 2 layers because of that. It’s worth it, though!

We did ham with cheese souffle and Hasselback potatoes:

The ham was done an hour early and the souffle wasn’t done in time for dinner. Not our most successful meal, but still good 😀

There was entertainment afterwards with John playing:

I even made the piano festive this year!  I brought my guitar down, although I didn’t play any holiday tunes.

I can’t believe I have to wear glasses to see my fingers. My eyes are getting old! I’m very serious here, too.

We didn’t end up playing any games this year. Time snuck away with music and opening presents.  We did have time for dessert.

My family way overdoes it sometimes…

John and I brought cookies over to our neighbor later that night since there was a platoon of them.

Normally we go down to my sister’s house on Christmas Day for games (and more cookies), but we woke up to this on Christmas:

We got at least another 6 inches on top of what we already had. Then the wind really picked up later, so it wasn’t conducive for travelling or even wanting to be outside. I don’t think we will see the ground again until spring, especially with the cold temps arriving.

Hope you all had a good holiday, however it was spent!

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7 thoughts on “Holiday festivities

  1. Jody -Strong and Sassy at 60

    HOLY COW!!! That cake!!!!! Although platters & platters of cookies awaited me!!!!! 🙂

    So happy you had a wonderful one Lori.

    Don’t feel bad – I have to wear reading glasses for the phone & all & sometimes they don’t even help with those tiny prints on small boxes in the store for over the counter stuff!!! 🙂
    Jody -Strong and Sassy at 60´s last blog post ..How Did I Get to 60!!!!

  2. debby

    That cake looks fantastic!!! Yes, I am a little confused about what day of the week it is this week.

    Yep, cookies and cake are in the freezer. And the chickens got some extra sweet treats this year. Just too much!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Merry Christmas to All!

  3. Helen

    Hey, I sometimes have to use a magnifying glass with my glasses or contacts! Old eyes suck.

    As usual your gathering looks and sounds fun… right up until you get to the many inches of snow part. I feel like winter has come extra early this year.


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