Some eats

Here are a few of my meals.  I don’t always take pictures of my food now and the reason is mostly that I am constantly taking photos for the businesses and editing them. It seems like every day I’m working on photos and so I tend to not take them of my own food. However, I need to get back into that habit for accountability.

Here is one of my regular breakfasts, which you have seen before:

This is the Golden brand cheese blintz. I tried the Manechevitz? (sp) brand and didn’t like them as much, plus they don’t have as much protein per serving as the Golden brand. We keep talking about making our own blintzes with crepes, but never get around to it 😀

A dinner featuring Instant Pot potatoes:

I used a bag of those mini potatoes that comes in mesh. I put the IP on saute and cooked them for about 5 minutes. Then I moved them into a steamer basket, seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper and added 3/4 cup of veggie broth to the IP. Set it for 4 minutes and did a quick release. With the sauteeing, it took 15 minutes from start to finish for the taters. They were tasty! The next day we made smashed potatoes with the leftovers. Yums. We are using the IP pretty regularly a few times a week. It was definitely a good purchase.

You know there has to be bagels, right?

We were at Panera this morning. We don’t go there very often, preferring local places, but with the snowy weather walking downtown wasn’t feasible. So, since we had the car, we went further than downtown for breakfast.

Another IP meal – quinoa! The IP makes perfect quinoa. Or maybe it’s John who does it since he always cooks the quinoa.

John is a vegetarian, so quinoa is good for his protein. I topped mine with chicken and BBQ sauce, having precooked several chicken breasts for the week.

These are in the house right now:

Reese’s Pieces are okay. Not my favorite, but I eat them because they are there. John got a big party bag of them from Amazon. That’s something that annoys me about myself at times. Sometimes I can just not eat stuff without problem, but then other times I do.  Part of it is feeling cooped up from winter weather.


I got a little ahead of myself the other day:

I’m so eager for gardening that I couldn’t resist the seed display. It couldn’t have been set up more than a day or two before I saw it and I already was purchasing LOL!  It’s too early to even start the seeds indoors.  Between these and the flower catalogs that arrive several times a week, I’ve been dreaming of all the flowers I’m going to grow 😀

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5 thoughts on “Some eats

  1. Biz

    If I could figure out how I can sometimes not touch a think in the pantry that is tempting, and other times stand in front of it reaching for everything, I’d be a millionaire.

    We are one day closer to spring! 😀

  2. Helen

    I just told someone yesterday that our winter, which has been a bit harsher/colder/snowier than in past years, has made me want to eat carbs and only carbs. And sugar, which is a carb. OY.

  3. debby

    Those little potatoes look tasty. I usually pick out the small yukon gold potatoes, but I might have to get a bag of those little ones.

    Flowers and seeds…even though we are having a mild winter, I’m not thinking much about gardening. I finally planted all the bulbs I got, and I did buy a 15-pack of primroses at Costco to add some color to the garden, but otherwise, I’m not much of a winter gardener!
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