St. Mardi Bowl and more snow

Hey there! Remember that goal about posting 3x a week? Oops. 😀

How many of you had football parties on Sunday? Because of scheduling, we turned the Super Bowl into St. Mardi Bowl, combining the game, Mardi Gras (next week) and Valentine’s Day into one party.

Let me tell you getting down to Saratoga was pretty beastly because of snow. 3-6 inches was predicted, which is fine to drive in around here. Road crews are pretty good. Figured the Northway would be nice and clear. Nope – it was snowy and cars were off the side of the road. A heavy snow band developed over our area. I was driving on the way down and my hands were cramped from gripping the steering wheel. We wouldn’t have gone had we known how bad the highway was.

Anyway, feast time!

Some N’awlins food like red beans & rice and gumbo. I made pralines. Heart candy for Valentine’s day.  Yums.

Wasn’t the game great?!  I give the Eagles much thought ever, but I was their biggest fan for this game LOL! I’m tired of the Patriots. Super Bowls are so much more enjoyable when they are close like that than a blowout.

The drive home was better as the heavy snow stopped and plows got a chance to catch up. However, my parent’s road hadn’t even been plowed yet! The Prius made it through, though.  We got back to our house near midnight and our driveway was completely plowed in by the city. We had to park around the corner, shovel out the driveway, then bring the car in. Ugh. Midnight shoveling sucks.

It looks really pretty today.

More snow is on the way for Wednesday, too.  Yay – not.  We need to get a snowblower. I have a bad shoulder and now John’s shoulder had been bothering him =  no bueno. Our garage is too small to hold one plus the car, so that creates a problem.  We’ll have to figure something out.

On the woodpecker front, Woodrow came to the new feeder twice this week. He’s pretty noisy and I’ve learned to recognize his call so I check the feeder when I hear it.

He’s balancing his tail like he’s supposed to, so my contraption worked! He actually seems to prefer the feeder on the other side.

It made me very happy to see this. I love wildlife so much and it really could care less about me LOL!  Another visitor at the feeder was the Carolina Wren.

These birds have a nest in our brush pile or near it. I hadn’t seen them so far this winter, but I guess they stay here.

And now, note to self: post again this week 😀

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4 thoughts on “St. Mardi Bowl and more snow

  1. debby

    No Super Bowl party for me. I do use it as an excuse to have guacamole and chips 🙂

    The only thing worse than getting home at midnight would be having to shovel snow at midnight!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Stronger

  2. Shelley B

    Yikes, that snowy drive sounds intense and super frightening! Love the combo party theme, and I have to say, even I, the non-sports-person, got wrapped up in that game! Very happy the Eagles won, too. 🙂
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..A Ridiculous Post

    1. Lori Post author

      I was so convinced the patriots were going to win that I didn’t even want to watch the game LOL. Then it got good and we were all standing around the TV for the last few minutes 😀


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