Stained glass projects

Instead of posting photos of white, white snow – how about some color?  We are socked in from snow on top of what we had Sunday. Ugh.  So sick of shoveling. John did end up ordering a snowblower, but it won’t be here until next week, which guarantees there will be no more storms this year. 😀

Anyway, there were some requests to see John’s stained glass pieces.  Now that Christmas is done and these are now in the hands of the giftees, I can post.  John started doing glass last year and he seems to enjoy it quite a bit.  I love the colors.

These are going to be kind of big. John took and sent these to me. I didn’t resize them before uploading them. (lazy)

Tree. This was about an 8×10 piece.

Owl. This one is maybe 6 inches? I can’t remember now.  The pupils were drawn in 😀

Celtic knot – one of his first pieces with colored glass. He practiced on window glass at first to get used to cutting and soldering. We scavenged windows that people put out at the curb LOL! Free practice material at any rate.

And look – you can see the ground! We won’t be seeing that until, oh maybe July with how big our snow piles are.

Moon: Again, I think this was an 8 x 10 size. The pictures make them look huge, but they are just in a regular picture frame.

Cardinals:  I love the clear glass texture in this piece.

All but the knot left the house. It was fun having all these in the windows until Christmas came along. Now they are bare!

Tonight is sitting by the fire under a fleece blanket. Even though we have shoveled twice already, it’s going to have to be done again in the morning and I’m just going to pretend that we will wake up to bare ground and flowers. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Stained glass projects

  1. Helen

    John’s pieces are beautiful and he has quite the talent for that hobby!

    Sorry about all that snow. I can’t believe you didn’t already own a snowblower. Our driveway is such a PITA that we can’t use ours on many of the storms but if I had an open driveway, there is no way I’d shovel. Of course, I hate winter, so there’s that.


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