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Brick House

She’s a brick… house – sing it! You know you want to 😀

Pixie says, “No singing, just feed me already!”

Today was a scheduled brick day.  I was hoping not to have to do my “crazy cardio workout” at the gym today.  It was raining when I got up, but I checked radar and saw clearing.  Score!  That meant I could have breakfast early – double score!  We are awash in apples right now, so I incorporated into breakfast with the apple cranberry topping (but used raisins).

I worked for a few hours, then had a preworkout snack:

Toast and nut butter.  Always a good combo.  Then I set out to do the brick.  I ran 2.2 miles and got super sweaty.  It was cool out, too.  I just sweat a lot.   😳   I was wearing bike shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  I forgot to put on the jacket that I had sitting by the bike (duh) and hopped on after changing my shoes.  It was windy and I was pretty chilled from being so sweaty.  It was a head wind at first, so I was kind grumpy until I got into the tail wind.  I did 11.5 miles.  Then I changed shoes, slugged coconut water, and set out for a hill route.  I did not want to run the hill, but the duathlon course has them, so it had to be done.  Running after biking is just darn hard.  It doesn’t matter what the bike distance is.  I did 2 miles on this 2nd run.  I feel pretty good, albeit slow.

I was hangry when I got back and made a giant bowl of yogurt/granola/berry mash.  I used a whole cup of greek yogurt for 23 awesome grams of protein!

Tasty!  It doesn’t look like much in this bowl, does it?

I was doing some reading about the cold water and metabolism thing.  You see that tip so much on sites that basically say, “Drink cold water to boost your metabolism, and also buy this product!!”  Other sites have said there is a calorie burn, but it is only about an additional 10 calories per day.   Shows how we all just want some easy way to do it, right?

Break from work for a latte and a Luna bar as I was hungry after that workout.

Like the topping? :mrgreen:   It’s candy corn season – woohoo!

I also wanted another nibble later.

Brazil nuts.  Do they call them that in Brazil?  The leftover nuts in the mixed nut can.  Why are the Brazil ones the last to go?

Felt kind of tired in the late afternoon.  The brick workout was hard.  I will be glad when the duathlon is over and I don’t have to do those longer workouts.  They take so much extra time and are longer than I normally like to do (which means I have to work later… )

We have chicken thawed out, but I just wasn’t in the mood.  So, we baked the clam strips instead, which I adore anyway.

My hubby is making an apple cobbler tonight.  How awesome is that?

Pink item of the day.  The last gasp from the butterfly bush this year.

Don’t forget to click!

The Breast Cancer Site
Tomorrow is the lifting move of the week!

October goals and off to camp!

Gonna get just a partial post in here today because I am off for the weekend to go camping!
Still pouring rain when I was up at 6:15 (d’oh! – gotta go to sleep earlier). I headed out to the gym to get in a quick strength workout. No real cardio today as I have been pushing that this week with the bricks. It was weird being at the gym in the dark.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Barbell Squat 4 sets of 10 at 45# Lower body
Bent Over Dumbbell Row 3 sets of 10 with 20# DBs (40# total) Back
Barbell Chest Press 4 sets of 8 at 55# Chest
Walking Lunges 3 sets of 10 (each leg) with 15# DBs (30# total) Lower body
Captain’s Chair 3 sets of 10 Core
Good Mornings 3 sets of 10 at 45# Lower Back and Hammies
Upright Row 3 sets of 10 with 25# bar Shoulders
Dumbbell Kickback 3 sets of 15 with 15# DBs (30# total) Triceps

Note I did some extra sets. I also did a giant set with the last 3 exercises, where I went through one of each without stopping, then rested a minute and repeated. I was sweating!  And I tell you – I am already feeling those walking lunges – eep!

Home for some pumpkin cream of wheat – topped with a little cream cheese/powdered sugar mix, ginger, and 5 crumbled pecans.

Dang this was a good bowl.

Scrambling to get work done (yay for 1/2 days!) and pack for the camping trip this weekend. I am going with my sister and 2 nieces to a camp and pack weekend.  There is no power in the cabins, so I will be sans internet for the weekend.  Yay? 😯

October 1! My goals for October are as follows (some of these coincide with the Hot 100 Challenge):

  • One no sugar day a week.
  • Get the scale back below red line as it crept up in Sept.
  • Hopefully do the duathlon with a goal to beat 1:55
  • Work on the side garden bed.
  • Run the goblin gallop 5K
  • Post a photo of something pink each day to raise awareness of breast cancer (see bottom of post)

That ought to keep me semi out of trouble for the month :mrgreen:

Lunch time was some leftovers –

Here is the month’s first pink picture!

Not super pink, but close enough. these are coming on the camping trip with me (along with some candy corn!)

Don’t forget to click below to provide free mammograms to those who need them.

The Breast Cancer Site

John is going to drop me off at my sister’s house now and have a bachelor weekend with Pixie (haha!).  Have a great weekend and I will have pics of the camp on Sunday!

Goblin Gallop!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Race day!  The Goblin Gallop 5K.  250 runners, which was probably 100 more than last year.  It was fairly warm in the mid 50s at least.  I had trouble sleeping, so I was up way early.  Had a nummy cream of wheat with banana, vanilla protein powder, nut butter and a drizzle of chocolate sauce for prerace fuel.


I did the cheapest costume ever – it cost about $8! LOL.  Black bike shorts and top, wrapped with yellow duct tape.  The antennae were some pipe cleaners that I glued puffs on and wrapped around a headband.  Voila – a bumblebee!


I had so much fun with this, and people responded to it, which was fun.  A woman came up and took my picture and asked “Are you going to *bee* fast?”  Harhar.  When I was running, kids and people were yelling “go bumblebee!”  It was so much fun and made me laugh and grin while I was running.  I was a little slower than I was hoping for at 29:43, but I beat last year’s time for this race (30:12).  I think it was the combo of lifting and biking yesterday, plus not enough sleep.  However, I had a great time and this costume was totally fine to run in.  I’ll have to get some actual race photos from my  mom who entered the digital age with a new camera and came out to watch John and I!

Went out to lunch afterwards, where I realized that I did not eat a single veggie all day yesterday!  Not sure how that happened.  So, I had a salad


along with my wheat pizza wrap.  So good!


While there I spotted the last pink item for the month of October!


I’ve had some outclicks to the National Breast Cancer website from these, so I hope that it has inspired at least a few people to learn more or do more about taking your health into your own hands!

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

NROLW, omelets, and pumpkins, oh my!

Packed a lot into today!  I tried to sleep in a little later and managed to sleep until about 7, which was good.  I needed to wait until it was light enough outside to bike to the gym.  Temps were upper 40s this morning, so definitely doable.

NROLW Stage 6 A:  last workout!

  • Negative chinups:  3 sets of 1
  • Wide grip lat pulldown with slow release:  1o sets of 2 at 70 pounds
  • Barbell split squats:  3 sets of 6 at 70 pounds
  • Pushups:  3 sets of 6 with feet elevated.

I was encouraged on the chinups today.  The first one I hopped up to the bar and held myself up for quite a while, much longer than when I first started.  The other 2 were the usual length.   I think given a few months, I could progress to actual chinups.

John met me at the gym and we biked 5 miles to Maude’s Kitchen for my football meal!


This place is cute as a button inside!  It’s like from the 50s:


The breakfast menu is made up of dishes that Maude’s children loved.  I think she had something like 9 kids.  I got the biggest kick out of this one:


I had an omelet with home fries, and John had oatmeal with a side of ham and toast.  Switcheroo for us!


A most excellent breakfast and I could watch them cook it at the griddle, so it was all fresh!  This spread for the 2 of us was $13.  Can’t beat that!  I was so hungry after the workout and bike ride and ate all but about 1/2 the potatoes.

Pink item of the day at our table:


Pumpkin shopping time at the garden center after I got home (and showered 😀  )


They also had Christmas lawn stuff out for sale.  Looks like the reindeer got into Santa’s eggnog again:


I spent about 5 minutes giggling over this outside. 😀

Lunch was pretty delayed and just a Zone bar because of the big breakfast.  I so have Maude’s on my list to revisit.  I spent a good deal of time picking out my pumpkin pattern and contemplating a new career in dentistry 😉


I used a pattern for a scary clown:


John did a free form, sort of alien thing:


Dinner was almost pizza, but then we decided we could cook up shrimp and grits really quickly and it was delicious!


We just sauteed a bit of lean bacon with some chopped onion, sprinkled flour over it and some vegetable broth, then added the shrimp.  Served over grits. Yum!

We are running a 5K tomorrow on Halloween!  Provided it isn’t pouring rain, but weather looks okay for now.  I am going to try to dress as a bee using yellow duct tape over a black outfit.  I have the antennae made with a headband (which Pixie found to be quite fascinating). It should be interesting at any rate.

Question:  Do you have your pumpkins carved before Halloween?

Running for me and beer?

Thanks for you comments on my musings earlier LOL! Back to regularly scheduled programming…..

Woke up too early again today.  It was a little after 6:00 and I went to bed  after 11:30.  I really do better with 7 hours of sleep, so why does my body persist in waking up early?  Anyway, I just got up and had an early start to my day.  Cooked up some protein pancakes.  Since I can’t be tall, I thought I would stack my breakfast high!


Again, dark for breakfast!  Weird….

Worked for an hour and it warmed up to about 45, so it was time to get in a run.  I decided on a ‘me’ run today.  I went out without a watch, and just put on the Sweeney Todd soundtrack and let my body tell me how fast it wanted to go.   I sped up when I felt like it and slowed down when I wanted to.  I did 3.2 miles and felt very refreshed afterwards (and super sweaty).  I spent so much time basically since March having  fairly regimented fitness routines to train for all my events, so it feels good now to relax a little and just enjoy flexing my fitness, so to speak.

In my effort to get the cereal out of the house, I incorporated it into lunch 😀  Yum.  There is cereal under there, I promise!


Kat asked for a macro of my ring – and here it is:


This is actually now my wedding band.  John and I had channel set diamond bands that matched.  Both of us have had problems with rings being too loose, especially in colder weather.  John had taken to wearing his ring on his pinky, and low and behold, one day it wasn’t there and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  We retraced as many steps as we could think of in the previous day, but to no avail.  John was actually more upset about it than I was.  I would rather lose a ring than lose him, know what I mean?  Anyway, we had been contemplating new bands, and really wanted one with a celtic knot design.  Couldn’t afford the ones we really liked, though.  On a trip to Colorado to visit John’s folks in early 2008, we shopped at ArtMart in Boulder (which is a cool place) and we saw these rings there.  $20 each!  We both loved them and figured they would be good bands in the interim until we can get some gold ones (maybe for our 15th anniversary).  It’s so funny because we both get so many compliments on these rings than we ever got on our other bands. Go figure.

It’s my weekend starting tonight, so John and I had a little celebration:


We split this beer – cheers!


I look so tired in this picture.  Guess that is because I am LOL!  The beer is good.  Hints of pumpkin and spice.  Dinner was a stirfry made with a batata, which is a Mexican sweet potato.  I’ll do a GVE on it tomorrow in detail.  It tastes kind of like a chestnut, but has the texture of a potato.  Kicked it up with some chopped seranno peppers, too.  Bring on the heat! Fun!


In true weekend decadence fashion, we ate in the living room on the couch with the TV on.  Sometimes it just feels good to be really casual.

I am so happy it’s the weekend!  It feels so great to be free for a couple days.  I am just about done with that soap order.  I’ll finish up the last 2 batches tomorrow.  Then I need to get a couple pumpkins to carve if I can still find some around.


Pink item of the day!  Only a couple more days in October for this.

I am going to have a relaxing night with my 10 candy corn kernels, some tea, and Project Runway (if I can stay awake for it….).

I am shaking things up with the football dinner and am having John take me out for breakfast instead!  Hopefully we can bike there in the a.m.

Question:  Do you ever eat in front of the TV?

NROLW and camera is here!

No biking to bagels this morning.  My eyes popped open at 6:30 and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  It was raining, so I just drove to the gym in the dark since I didn’t have to wait for it to get light like I do biking.

New Rules of Lifting: Stage 6 Workout B:

  • Reverse lunge, one dumbbell on shoulder:  3 x 6 at 25 pounds
  • Dumbbell 2-point row:  3 x 6 at 30 pounds
  • Dumbbell push press: 1 x 6 at 15 pounds, 2 x 6 at 20 pounds
  • Back extension:  3 x 8 at 100 pounds
  • Incline reverse crunch: 3 x 8

Assessment:  Increased the dumbbell weights on all  of the first 3 exercises!  20 pound dumbbells on the push press was hard, though, and unwieldly.  Also, the lunge with more weight is hard on the balance, which I guess is good.

Picked John up and off we went to bagels!  Delicious warm coffee on a cold and drizzly day:


Plus numminess….


My replacement camera arrived today!  Hello beautiful –


And hello camera 😉

The camera and I are both pink items in this picture!

I proceeded to take a 1000 macro shots of everything.  How I missed my in-your-face food shots LOL!    Even Pixie was getting annoyed with my picture taking.

pix1028Can’t you just hear her saying “Enough already, I’m trying to nap here for goodness sake!”

I had a chill all morning and decided on breakfast for lunch:


Pumpkin cream of wheat with the last of the cranberry sauce and some dulce de leche.  It’s all flecked with vanilla bean goodness.  Yum!

I had some snackage problems today.


Plus some unpictured cereal. Not sure if it was the blood donation or something else.  I need to nix cereal from the house.  I never actually eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  It is pretty much only for having on yogurt, but I have found that I really love to snack on it.  It has become red light for me, so off to the dungeon it goes for a while.  Will I never learn???

Shaking it up for dinner:


You don’t see that on my plate very often!  Little cheese raviolis.  So good and they really hit the spot tonight.  I don’t have pasta too often because of the small amount of food for the calories.  Although with mini cheese raviolis, it looks like you get more.  A serving of these is 240 calories, which isn’t too bad.

More soapmaking in progress as I type this.  Tonight’s menu is gardenia, applejack, and coconut.

Stay tuned tomorrow for one of my thinking posts!

Blood donation and chilly run.

Woke up this morning and it was again 32 degrees!  I was going to run outside as I don’t like to drive to the gym just to run unless it is precipitating horribly outside.  So, I made some fantabulous oats for breakfast and got right to work:


40 grams of oats, 1 medium banana (part cooked in, a few slices for garnish), blueberry jam, peanut butter.  (Note  it was dark out when I made these, too early).  So freaking good!  Some days food tastes even more amazing, and this was one of them.  Maybe because I was hungry, but not starving like after a workout.

Worked until 10:30 and saw the temp was getting close to 40.  I knew it probably wouldn’t get much warmer, plus we had afternoon stuff scheduled, so here I was contemplating the thought of being cold!


….. nice camera……

I am just a wuss, because the cold only lasts about 10 minutes, then I get hot and sweaty when running, even in almost freezing weather!  3.2 miles of sweaty goodness, although I should have snacked before I went out.

Had a fun lunch of Total Blueberry Pomegranate (love this stuff!), lowfat vanilla yogurt and a chopped kiwi.  I have never had kiwi on my yogurt cereal mash before, and I liked it.  😀


After more work, we took a break to donate blood.  It was lickety split because no one was in line, and my veins were really fast today.  I don’t even think it took 1/2 hour from start to finish at the snack table.

My iron was at 15.4  – Broccoli and chicken rock!!  My iron was higher than John’s LOL.

Afterwards,  I had a bottled water and 1 Lorna Doone (my favorite post donation cookie).

dooneDidn’t want the whole pack because we went out for a latte at Cool Beans, where I spotted my pink item:


I chose a skim latte and it was tasty.


Not too hot, either.  Most times, coffee shops make the lattes hotter than the sun and I burn myself.

Did more work before dinner and then wanted more fall-themed goodness:


Chicken on wheat bread with Cabot reduced fat cheddar topped with cranberry sauce (toasted).  Plus more broccoli – go iron!!

I’ll be working late tonight since I flexed time to donate blood and have coffee.  Plus I have to make more soap.  Busy!  Sitting here snacking on some unpictured cashews while busting out this post.  I admitted them back into the house after being banned for a while and maybe it was too soon.  I’ve eaten too many today.  Think I will put them in the freezer.

PSA:  Don’t forget to donate blood if you are eligible!  It’s a little inconvenient, but you can save up to 3 lives with each donation.  I hope that whomever gets my blood will get a little bit of radiance. 😀

I also found out that it takes 5 days for your body to replace the red blood cells that you donate.  Ooopsss… I have a race on Saturday (weather permitting).  Might be a little slow – or at least that is my excuse and I am sticking with it!

Tomorrow is biking to bagel day, hopefully.  Catch you on the flip side!

NROLW and busy, busy!

I thought long and hard about biking to the gym today, but my limit is below 40 degrees and it was at the freezing mark when I got up!! Brrrr…..  I had to scrape the car off, too.   The gym was nice and quiet this morning, guess other people thought it was too cold to even go out!

NROLW (New Rules of Lifting For Women) Stage 6 A

  • Negative chin ups:  3 sets of 1
  • Wide grip lat pulldown with slow release:  10 sets of 2 at 70 pounds
  • Barbell split squat:  3 sets of 6 at 65 pounds
  • Push ups:  3 sets of 6 (real style)

I am not getting any better at the chin ups.  I am very strong, but I am just too heavy to have that much upper body strength (that’s not me knocking myself, just being realistic about my upper body strength). Then I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  This man got on to the treadmill next to me and he had the worst breath!  I swear he ate an onion quiche with a garlic chaser.  I almost got off because I couldn’t stand it, but I didn’t want to be rude and move to another treadmill.  That’s why it was 25 minutes for me until I couldn’t take it anymore 😛

Returned home to make some Cream of Wheat with pumpkin, cranberry sauce and a tablespoon of dulce de leche that John made yesterday  :0


Very good, but dangerous.  I could eat that stuff straight off a spoon.  It was Alton Brown’s recipe, although he used 1% milk instead of whole to lighten it up a bit.

Remember the little  kitten that I rescued last month?  He got a new home!  He was nursed back to health and is happy in his new place.  That makes me feel great!  This was a picture during his foster care – he is so durn cute!


Lunch today was more homemade goodness.  John also made some clam chowder this weekend.  It’s only 150 calories a cup and so creamy and good.  I think the recipe was modeled on Dave Lieberman, but I am not completely sure.  I’ll have to ask J and get a link for you.  So good.  I don’t think I ever want canned soup again.


Winding down on the pink pictures for the month of October!

Here is today’s pink item:


This is another one of our soap colorants.  This is sparkle pink mica.  It’s actually the same stuff that is used in making cosmetics like eye shadow and blush, but just the pure colorant without any binders.  It’s one of my favorite colors of mica (although gold or copper are even prettier!).  I was contacted by an old soap customer and am working on a large order for her – so it is keeping me hopping on top of working full time.   That means those Christmas ornaments are put on hold.  Remember how I said it was a good thing I started them early??  Hahaha!!  Maybe in a couple weeks I can get back to them.

Doing this soap almost makes me want to start doing that again.  I kind of miss it a little bit now that it has been a while.  Does that ever happen to you?  Where you can’t stand doing something you used to love so you stop, then get the hankering for it again?  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’ll take some pics when I get most of the order done.

Dinner was my standard trifecta:


This was the best shot I took.  The old camera doesn’t quite know what to do when the food is steamy.  My replacement camera shipped today!  It’s crossing the country, so I probably won’t get it until the weekend.

So, feeling a little swamped and overwhelmed – but I’m keeping it together.  I did snack on some cashews today – more than I should have, but part of that was the nibbles I get due to lack of sleep.  I am going to bed early tonight, since John is out playing poker.  He had better win, since he has to take me to dinner this week 😀

Biking and bagels and health watch news.

The rain finally ended overnight with the low at 47 when we woke up.  That is within the bike riding threshold, so we hit the road.  Decided on street route only, as the path probably would have eaten us alive like quicksand!  I don’t mind the road riding on an early weekend morning when the traffic is very light.  We actually go a little faster since the road is smoother.   Interesting how much the gravel path slows you down.

Panera bread for a chocolate chip bagel and 3 cups of coffee!  :O


The ride home was a little slower.  John just wasn’t feeling fast today, so I let him go ahead.  I tend to really push the pace, but didn’t want to leave him behind (aren’t I the good wife??).

Sigh… back to work today.  It is nice working at home and can have the football on in the background.  I just pay attention when the good stuff happens LOL!

Speaking of work in the medical field, I was contacted by the Healthcare Association Watch about preventing health-care associated infections.  Here is a link to more information on that where you can watch some videos and read more about what can be done.  While it is important for those of you that are health care workers to follow these guidelines, it is also extremely important for all of us to take our own protective measures.  When you see your physician – don’t be afraid to ask him/her to wash their hands before examining you!  There is no reason for you to leave the office with an illness you didn’t come in with.

Regarding my camera – it does not have a viewfinder hole, just the LCD screen.  I can actually buy the same camera refurbished for $85, which is less than it would be to actually get mine repaired.  What is up with that?  So, I am going to do that.

Here is what my camera looks like turned on:


Isn’t that lovely???  This will also be my pink item of the day!

Snackage today:


I really miss the macro function on my camera.  All of my pictures look so ordinary on the old camera (Okay, done whining!).

Candy corn has entered the house, but it is under lock and key.  I have allowed myself to have 1/2 a serving (which is 10 kernels) at a time, which John dutifully doles out to me.


I am making an internet confession here that I eat candy corn in a strange way.  I love to bite off the bottoms and save the white tips for last.


I don’t know why, but I think the tips taste the best.  Or maybe I am just weird.

On a great note – I won the football picks today!  I’m on a roll thanks to the Steelers and the Bills.  Now I just need to decide where to have my football dinner this week heehee!

Question:  Do you have any strange food mannerisms?

The day the camera died

(The new power cord arrived this morning, so I am up and running again with my own computer – happy, happy day!)

Rainy day. Got up and it was cloudy, but not raining and J and I were going to go out running. By the time we got dressed and had a prerun snack – it started raining. So, I popped down to the gym and hit the treadmill with pace music for 45 minutes.  Not going to get off schedule!  John went for a walk.  Then I look out the window of my gym and see him outside! He walked all the way to the gym (1.7 miles) and then hitched a ride home with me. Silly guy.

Came home and made Cream of Wheat with a mashed banana and cocoa powder. Topped with some chocolate sauce and toasted pecans. Tasterrific!
John offered to go to the mall today to shop since it’s rainy – what a great hubby! Returning these to get a bigger size for my niece.
Pink item:


I put on my long rain coat and put my camera into the pocket. As I got in the car and pulled the door shut, I didn’t realize my coat was dangling out the door and I had slammed the door on my camera that was in the pocket. Sad me… the LCD display is cracked and nonfunctional. It takes pictures, but I can’t see what I am taking a picture of. I am so sad! I loved this camera and it was such a bargain when I got it. The same camera now is $40 more. 🙁 What is a food and fitness blogger to do without a good camera? I have a crappy backup one to use until I get this one replaced.

Here are some photos I took not being able to see.

Looky what I saw at Target:


Candy Corn soda!  It’s a Jones Soda brand.  I would have bought 1 if they sold single cans, but we would have had to get 6.  I loves me some candy corn, so I was all over this 😀

Hopefully some successful new slippers bought.  We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee:


Almost in camera field 😛  Not doing too bad for not having a viewfinder.

John and I had a long talk about possiblities for the future with a new business.  I have to think a little bit about this.  Okay, a lot.  It’s a food-related business (not coffee).  We do so much pondering over coffee.  It’s a good medium for that.

My parents went out to see Jeff Dunworthy (???)  today – (whom I don’t find funny at all).  That meant I had to do a little puppy sitting!

Lizzie says “Hi – aren’t I cute??”


Now it’s an evening in, or maybe some grocery shopping.  I have batteries charging for the backup camera, so hopefully I can start taking more pics tomorrow.  It’s too hard to guess what is in the viewfinder frame.  I can’t imagine it would be very cheap to replace the LCD screen in the camera.  I just have a tough time with technology, this week was rough between the computer and the camera.

I did finish up an ornament this morning.  I am pleased at how sparkly it is!  It’s going to be purty on the tree. (That 42 you see is my duathlon bib!)


Question:  Where do you do your best chatting/philosophizing/pondering?