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Brick House

She’s a brick… house – sing it! You know you want to 😀

Pixie says, “No singing, just feed me already!”

Today was a scheduled brick day.  I was hoping not to have to do my “crazy cardio workout” at the gym today.  It was raining when I got up, but I checked radar and saw clearing.  Score!  That meant I could have breakfast early – double score!  We are awash in apples right now, so I incorporated into breakfast with the apple cranberry topping (but used raisins).

I worked for a few hours, then had a preworkout snack:

Toast and nut butter.  Always a good combo.  Then I set out to do the brick.  I ran 2.2 miles and got super sweaty.  It was cool out, too.  I just sweat a lot.   😳   I was wearing bike shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  I forgot to put on the jacket that I had sitting by the bike (duh) and hopped on after changing my shoes.  It was windy and I was pretty chilled from being so sweaty.  It was a head wind at first, so I was kind grumpy until I got into the tail wind.  I did 11.5 miles.  Then I changed shoes, slugged coconut water, and set out for a hill route.  I did not want to run the hill, but the duathlon course has them, so it had to be done.  Running after biking is just darn hard.  It doesn’t matter what the bike distance is.  I did 2 miles on this 2nd run.  I feel pretty good, albeit slow.

I was hangry when I got back and made a giant bowl of yogurt/granola/berry mash.  I used a whole cup of greek yogurt for 23 awesome grams of protein!

Tasty!  It doesn’t look like much in this bowl, does it?

I was doing some reading about the cold water and metabolism thing.  You see that tip so much on sites that basically say, “Drink cold water to boost your metabolism, and also buy this product!!”  Other sites have said there is a calorie burn, but it is only about an additional 10 calories per day.   Shows how we all just want some easy way to do it, right?

Break from work for a latte and a Luna bar as I was hungry after that workout.

Like the topping? :mrgreen:   It’s candy corn season – woohoo!

I also wanted another nibble later.

Brazil nuts.  Do they call them that in Brazil?  The leftover nuts in the mixed nut can.  Why are the Brazil ones the last to go?

Felt kind of tired in the late afternoon.  The brick workout was hard.  I will be glad when the duathlon is over and I don’t have to do those longer workouts.  They take so much extra time and are longer than I normally like to do (which means I have to work later… )

We have chicken thawed out, but I just wasn’t in the mood.  So, we baked the clam strips instead, which I adore anyway.

My hubby is making an apple cobbler tonight.  How awesome is that?

Pink item of the day.  The last gasp from the butterfly bush this year.

Don’t forget to click!

The Breast Cancer Site
Tomorrow is the lifting move of the week!

Indoor brick and monthly wrap up!

Okay, first – where the h-e-double hockey sticks did September go?  We are getting that tropical rain from Nicole today. That nixed my outdoor brick, so I drove to the gym after eating a Zone bar for fuel.

I did 2 miles on the treadmill, then 10 miles on the stationary bike, then 2 more miles on the treadmill. I was totally soaked by the time I was done. I sweat so much when I work out that it is a little embarrassing. I felt amazing, though. I started to get the high on the 2 mile of the 2nd run. I almost didn’t stop, but I certainly didn’t need to do any more than that LOL! Besides, busy day today.

I had soaked steel cut oats overnight, so they were ready to cook this morning.

Do you love my new bowl? I couldn’t resist 😀 Long-time readers know of my dear love for candy corn, which I have put a rule of none until October (although I did inhale the aroma through the bag a few times while shopping, addict that I am).

Hit the keyboard ground running today with work.  There was a recall on Johnson & Johnson metal hip replacements and my ortho account has had a ton of visits for people who have had these.  Can you imagine? It’s one thing to have a recall of something you can actually bring back to the store, but something surgically implanted??

Lunch munch:

Pretty standard quick fare, but tasty.  My bottle of hot sauce is running low…

So my goals for September (seriously – is it really over already??) were:

  • Team Challenge Ride on September 12. Done and very pleased with it!
  • Concentrate even more on mindful eating.  Not real great with this one. Before meal snacking creeping back in.
  • Do more brick training after the charity ride to get ready for the duathlon in October!  Started doing the bricks.
  • Experiment more with not recording my food every day.   My weight is up a little today, so I think I need to track more again or something.

September was a really busy month.  Birthdays and anniversaries and just lots of things.  I did go down to part time with job #1, so that means I am just working 1 job’s worth of hours.  That is nice.

Snack time:

Larabar and a latte drizzled with some pumpkin spice sauce John made using this recipe:

Tastes like fall!

Afternoon duty calls!  Blood donation time 😀  It was at Great Escape today.

How cool is that?  There were some creepy clowns in costume, and the supervisor had fake blood on his face, which was a little alarming when you are actually donating…

By donating, we got free tickets to Fright Fest this fall (replenishing my iron!):

I have never been to Fright Fest, so I need to think up a costume to wear.  Maybe I should go as Rosie?  I could do the bee again like I did for the Halloween race last year.

Then it was time to go out to dinner.  My mom chose the Irish Times for birthday eats!  I had the beef stew (breaking a local meat rule here, btw):

This was really good.  It actually was a bigger plate than this picture looks like and I brought half home for another meal.

Tomorrow I will post the goals for October.

And happy birthday to my mom!!

Love you, Mom! 😀

More brick and Hot 100 Challenge

I’m glad you liked the squat post from yesterday.  That seems to be an exercise that a lot of people have a strong opinion on.  Not quite sure why exactly, but nothing heats up a weight room like talking about squats.

Normally we bike to bagels on Thursday now.  I was up a little early and doing work (as per usual) with a protein drink waiting for John to get up.

We got all dressed and ready to go when John noted that his tire had gone flat.  This was the same tire that had gone flat from a nail the day after he got his bike.  He patched it and we have rode a lot on it, so maybe the patch wore out or something.  I wasn’t about to let that stop me from a bagel, no sir!  We drove there in our biking clothes :mrgreen:

Seasonal coffee is here:

I drink my flavored coffee with just milk and no sweetener. Am I weird?

Plus a sunflower bagel.  Nom, nom!

I said to John that this actually gave me a chance to get in a brick later in the day.  I was wondering when I would fit in another this week, as I didn’t want to do it on Friday with lifting, so today was the perfect opportunity!

That meant I stayed in my bike clothes for the first half of the day and unshowered.  Gotta love working at home! Pixie is my only coworker and since she licks her own butt, I doubt she has a problem with me not showering.

Lunch time!  I realized I needed to use up some brussels that were in the fridge, so I quick sauteed them and added the heel of the bread for a PB&J.

Quick lunch.  I am trying not to get stressed as it got pretty busy for me this week.  I received a large soap order request, so I am working on that in the evenings after working the 2 jobs.  Plus my TV vice of Project Runway is on tonight!

After working more, it was time to take a break in the early afternoon for the brick.  I realize that some people may not know what I am referring to with the brick.  This is basically doing 2 different workouts back to back.  That’s how you train for multi-sport events like triathlons, decathlons, etc.  So, for me this means bike and run training back to back. Temps were around 70.  I had a quick snack:

Then set up my transition outside.  I did bike/run today.

And yes, I do need a reminder to remove my helmet.  There is always somebody who forgets to take theirs off in an event.  That’s okay at that time, but I didn’t want to go running down the street with my helmet on today 😀

First up was the bike.  I did 13.5 miles at a decent clip, but not super fast.  I had to stop a lot for traffic.  Afternoon rides are much different than early morning rides.

Came home and drank half the coconut water and remembered to take off my helmet!  Then I ran 2.2 miles.  I forgot how much harder the bike/run transition is.  Boy howdy.  It was a good mile before I felt semi normal.  The pace just seems so slow, even though I typically start faster than normal, and you can really feel the impact of running.  Yep – that feeling is coming back from last year doing the triathlon and duathlon training.

I was feeling pretty good when I finished, but covered in gnats! What’s up with that??

Then I had to shower and get back to work.  There are more perks to working at home, which is the ability to flex my time like this.

Popped some chocolate chips as a post workout snack x2

It was such a beautiful day that I put some chicken on the grill.  You know what cooked chicken usually means –

The classic BBQ chicken salad!  Yay!  It was quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

So the Hot 100 Challenge starts today.  I had to think some about the goals I want to achieve for the last 1/3 of the year. They are:

1.  Maintain my weight.  I am not going for any loss right now anyway, so I want to stay below my red line.

2. No eggnog lattes until Thanksgiving day!

3.  Do the duathlon and at least 1 more 5K race before the end of the year.

4.  Do stretching exercises 4 days a week at least.  I am remiss about stretching.

5.  Visit one new blog each week that is participating in the Hot 100 Challenge and cheer them on.

6.  Do one no-added sugar day each week.

Let’s rock challengers!!

Brick and eating healthier at Denny’s?

I conked out early last night and got up to do my brick.  Then I checked the weather:

35 degrees? No thank you!  35 feels a lot different in February versus September.  And I like how the little sun was pcitured and the sun wasn’t quite up yet…

So, I instead had some cafe au lait:

Then I worked some and made breakfast.  I was so wanting something warm.  We don’t have the furnace on yet and the house was 64 degrees when I got up (which is only a couple degrees below where we keep it anyway).

After a couple hours of work, the temps rose into the mid 40s and it was time for the brick.  I decided on run/bike today.  I set up my transition outside:

Last year, I didn’t have clip shoes for the duathlon, so I will have a little extra to do in the transitions this year.

Did 2.2 miles, then hopped on the bike and rode 10.5 miles.  It felt just fine going from run to bike, but I think that is a much easier transition anyway.  I certainly am ready bikewise LOL.  I almost did a run afterwards, but figure I should ease into the bricks a bit.  Plus I needed to get back to work.

Kinda hungry after this, but it wasn’t lunch time, so I had a cafe au lait and put some whey protein in it.  Worked pretty well and made a good recovery drink.  I got really sweaty on the run and chilled on the bike.  Not a good combo.

I did break for lunch and hit the veggies!  I knew we were eating dinner out, so I wanted to pile on the veggies for lunch.  However, I had a quick snack while cooking (oops)

I stirfried 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower in some coconut oil and teriyaki sauce and tossed in some chick peas.

Plus a pear and cinnamon.  Pretty good.  I did get hungry an hour later and had a Pria bar.  And then my latte!


So, John won the football picks this week. Grrrrrr….  His choice? Denny’s!  Eeek!  You think Grand Slam and patty melts and all that fried stuff.  John was nice enough to print out nutritional info for me to take. Thanks for having that Denny’s

I was not in the mood for a dressing-less salad, and you know I love breakfast for dinner. Well, wouldn’t you know that they have a make your own omelet and have egg whites available?

I had an egg white omelet with smoky cheese.  Surprisingly, the hashbrowns were less caloric that other options.

The nice part is that Denny’s doesn’t charge extra for having an egg whites!  It’s nice to savor the cheese by leaving out the egg yolks.   Very tasty and not a huge portion either (which I was also worried about).  I love eggs.

After dinner, we stopped at K-Mart.  Denny’s and K-Mart in the same night… oh my…

Anyway, check this out:

Come on!  It just turned to fall!  It was like we stepped into a time warp, minus Rocky Horror.

Bike ride video and be a good egg!

Are you a good egg? Click to pledge that you are and help the hungry!
I Pledge to Eat good. Do good everyday.

I did a switcheroo today like I did on Tuesday and worked out later in the day.   So, I started off with a combo I have been thinking of for a while – mocha oats!   Susan and I were on the same wavelength.


  • 40 grams oats
  • 3/4 cup coffee
  • 1 small banana
  • 4 grams cocoa powder
  • 10 grams chopped toasted pecans

I used the coffee in place of the water.  This was very strong brewed coffee, too.  It was a very unusual flavor, I have to say.  I couldn’t taste the banana at all, just a bit of sweetness.  It was eye opening!

My wonderful husband bought me some memory for my camera!  I was talking about getting some because I can only take so many pictures and very short video with it.  And then he said not to buy any because he got me some.  Early Christmas gift for me!


Isn’t technology amazing? 2 Gigabytes and the size of my fingernail.

Today was my hardest training day before taper week before the duathlon.  I did a 1.5 mile run, then 16 mile bike ride, then 2 mile run.

As promised, here is a little bit of my bike path. It’s like my own Blair Witch Project LOL!  I took so much video today, it was fun.  This is just one piece.

I am such a nerd LOL. I feel like a bit of a goof. I held the camera in one hand while riding. Actually surprisingly steady for that.

It was the most gorgeous day today.  So beautiful.  I kept stopping to take pictures:



Stunning, just stunning. I wish I really could capture this on camera.

After the bike ride and before the 2nd run, I had some of this!


Zico, would you sponsor me, please?? 😀  I love this stuff.  It’s coming with me on duathlon day!

Pink picture of the day:


This is a local laundromat. That color is on purpose LOL!

I felt really good when I finished. I did take more breaks riding that I should have, but I realized that I will be able to finish the duathlon. I know that now, and if I have to take a few breaks, it’s okay! I am getting excited and nervous about it. I can’t wait to see what kind of weather we will get next weekend. Mid October could be anything!

Question: Do you have fall photos to share? List the link, I would love to see!

Brick and pink pictures.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today is my hump day.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I am going to take a picture of something pink every day for the rest of October.  Here is today’s item.


I flipped my schedule around today and got to work at 7:30 this morning!  It was cold this morning and I just wasn’t wanting to spend the morning out knowing it was going to warm up later.   Not to mention that my upper body is so sore from yesterday!  All up and down my sides – it’s crazy! So, I had some of this:


Yum, cafe au lait.  Plus some warm banana oats:


A couple hours after lunch, I was ready to do my brick!  John joined me, so we did a bit of a stop during the bike ride.  We rode for 8 miles to Cool Beans and had a bit of fuel of a biscotti and coffee.


I love training days that are relaxed like this!  If only I could stop for coffee on race day 😀  We then biked home and I went out for a 2 mile run.  It felt pretty good.  I am really getting used to the transitions again now.

It was weird exercising in the middle of the afternoon, though.  One thing I do like about my job is the flex time option.  I just need to work for 1 hour at my scheduled start time, then I can flex the hours if needed as long as I finish my work in a 12-hour window.  Can’t do that with an office job!  I just wish it paid better.

Dinner was one of my staples!


Familiar and satisfying.

Twin Peaks on DVD tonight – how about that for a flashback!  I love Netflix.  I am a film noir lover and it’s great to find those old gems.

Recently enjoyed movies:

  • Rope
  • MST3K (tons of these)
  • The Woman in The Window
  • Run Fat Boy Run

Question:  Are you a NetFlix subscriber?

Brick and duathlon

Decided on another brick today, this time the bike/run. I planned out a fairly straight bike loop to take twice of a little over 13 miles and then a 2-mile run. I drank this before going out:

I have decided that this is not good by itself for fuel before exercising.  It’s just straight juice without any protein and it lasted all of about 5 miles.  POM is much better as a refuel during.  Lesson learned.  The bike ride was not really enjoyable, as I stuck to the main roads and there was traffic, school busses, traffic lights, and garbage trucks (my mother is probably freaking out reading this – sorry Mom!).   With all that, I did the 13 miles in 1:03 and I figured I was probably averaging about 13 mph.  Not bad.  Stopped at home and had some coconut water and felt super energized.  Gosh I love this stuff.  Makes me wonder if Gatorade is any different.  I did a 2-mile loop in a little over 21 minutes.  I swear I was going faster because I had pace music on in the 170s, so don’t know what is up with that.  I forgot how it feels to run after biking!  Blargh.

I was ready to eat off my own arm when I got done, and cooked up some protein pancakes.  These take no more than 10 minutes from start to finish, which I love!


The app is filled out for me to do a duathlon in October!  I have sort of been training for it before making up my mind and I just decided to go for it.


I am ready already, since I am in really good shape with all the work I have done since spring  (did I just say that??).  I’m am nervous and excited.  At least having done a triathlon, I know pretty much what to expect and there is no swimming involved!   Hope it doesn’t snow.  Have a couple 5K in October that we are thinking of doing as well.  Gotta cram in the outdoor stuff while we can.

Lunch was so, so good today:


Curry chicken salad:

  • 2.5 ounces cooked chicken, chopped
  • 7 grapes chopped
  • 1/2 small granny smith apple, chopped
  • matchstick carrots, probably 1/4 cup
  • 1 tablespoon light mayo
  • curry powder
  • 1 tablespoon slivered almonds

Mix the mayo and curry powder thoroughly.  Add all ingredients except almonds together and mix well.  Place mixture on top of a bed of lettuce and top with almonds.  Yum!

Zoomed through work today.  Software problems on their end, which is annoying, but didn’t slow me down too much.

Had another of my chewy granola bars as a snack with my latte.  For those that asked, the cinnamon chips are just little sweet bits of cinnamon.  Like chocolate chips, only not chocolate.  Hershey’s makes them and they are usually in the baking aisle with the chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and the like.  Addicting little buggers, too.  I can eat them out of hand easily.

Pixie is pretty much recovered from her declaw.  She won’t run around yet, but that might just be because she is the laziest cat in the world:


She loves laps!  She looks kind of annoyed that I took her picture, though LOL. I also heard from the rehabber that the little kitten is doing really well and has gotten medicine, vitamins and lots of food.  Hope he finds a good home when he gets a little older.

Quick and easy dinner – feta cheese omelet!

dinI love feta cheese.  It is one of my favorites along with gorgonzola and asiago.  Well, really I won’t turn any cheese down (except super stinky ones).

After dinner sweet:


I am now free for the evening and John has twisted my arm into going out for coffee in a bit.  😀

September challengers – don’t forget to check in here!

Question:  What is your favorite cheese?

Brick and GoWear fit

Well, the weather wasn’t promising when I got up, but I decided to go for the brick anyway.  John actually decided to join me for the bike leg, which just about made my jaw fall on the floor.  He is usually sleeping when I get up and leave the house for the Y.

First, I fueled with this (half before the bike and half after the bike).


We then biked for 6.7 miles in about 1/2 hour.  That was with a couple stoplights in there.  John went home and I continued to the school and ran 3.25 miles around the track.  It took about 37 minutes.  I am definitely slower after the bike, but that’s okay.  At least I ran the whole thing!

Here is what the brick looks like on my GoWear fit:

brickThen you can see me sitting on my butt working.

After watching Alton Brown last night and his blueberry episode, I knew what I wanted for brekkie.  Num!


I love this plate – just got it last week!

Lunch was the old standby:


For snacks, I had the same as yesterday, only the cinnamon chips were mixed with some dark chocolate ones.  The cinnamon chips are made by Hershey and you can find them in the baking aisle with the other chocolate chips.  They are good!


For dinner I was in the mood for eggs  again (for the 3rd dinner in a row!).  I made a giant salad with some of the POM vinaigrette, hardboiled eggs, toasted pecans, and provolone cheese.  Kind of a chef salad without the meat.


Today was the end of my work week!  Yay!   No work until Sunday.   Exciting girl that I am, I might go to the library tonight LOL!