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Sears & Roebuck really did sell everything

And now for something completely different.

Very interesting find to show. In our old house, which was built in 1904 (or thereabouts) John was insulating the attic and found some boxes with what he said were newspapers and magazines. I never really looked in those boxes and they stayed in the attic. When we moved to Radiance Manor, we ended up taking those boxes with us. Fast forward to last weekend while I was rearranging the basement and came upon those boxes. I hadn’t looked in them before and wouldn’t you know I found some really neat stuff, including a Sears & Roebuck catalog from 1910!


This picture doesn’t show how huge it is. It’s 1000 pages.  It is full of everything! You can get clothing, groceries, dry goods, home improvement stuff, furniture, cars and whole houses!  Here is a sample of the products popular in 1910:

Ladies clothing.  Note the models were pretty slim back then as well…


Do you know how dumpy I would look in these outfits? Not designed for a short woman. Not at all.

To go under that outfit, don’t forget your pneumatic bust form!


And don’t forget the rubber female urinal because when you gotta go, you gotta go. Here people thought GoGirl was so innovative and it was already available in 1910 😀

Need a pick me up? How about some Beef, Iron and Wine?


Pleasantly aromatized with nutrients of beef in a fine sherry? Sounds delicious!

Shoes. Even a color section of the catalog. I have to say these styles aren’t bad, especially the top row on the left:


And at a dollar a pair, I just might even buy two!!

I then wondered if they might have sold trunks, so I found the index (in the middle — WTF?) and sure enough, they had trunks!


Funny how getting a beat up old trunk for $30 now is a great bargain and they went brand spanking new for $5 back then. Gotta love inflation.



I paid way more for my chaise. Should have gone to Sears, I guess.

The horrors:


All those layers of wallpaper removal in our house and some of it was pretty close to this style…



Doesn’t everyone need a cream separator?


Apparently so, because there were pages of different ones.

Musical instruments.


I didn’t check to see if there were bagpipes, but I did find an ocarina, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

And for the person on your gift list who has everything:


Cup of grease! Because who can’t use that??


Armageddon fun

I have been seriously enjoying the memes floating around for tomorrow’s forecasted day of doom!  Sharing some of my favorites here for a little end of the week levity.


Sing along now:


Haha – now get that earworm out of your head!!  😈

Staying on the packaged snack theme:

This is one of my favorites:

And of course you know there has to be a Grumpy Cat in there.  I love this cat so much!

Guess I should get baking some cookies tonight if I want to get any eaten before doomsday.  Or I can just do the dough and let the heat bake the cookies on Friday 😀

You just have to laugh

My sister sent me these. Tell me, does a copy editor get paid?

What goes around comes around!


Did we elect these people??


f3Civil War planes? Let me know how that works out.


I’m saying *GREAT* paint job.


“We had no idea anyone was buried there.”


I didn’t know we could choose.


This one says it all.


What are the odds of that?


Please, anyone, if you’ve seen this man ….


Come on, that’s just mean!


I would have guessed 19.