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Riding, kittens and s’mores

Again, a wonderful weather weekend! It’s weekends like this in the fall that make the Northeast so awesome 😀  We headed our for a nice ride to Schuylerville.  We only stopped once in the 19 miles it took to get there.


My bud:


That’s Vermont way off in the distance.


We stopped at Espressohuis, which we have come to really like as a coffee shop.


There is a visitor’s park right by here with a ceremonial tree.


Up close:


Again, so much of early American history happened right around here.

We booked on home without stopping, so no more pictures of our ride!



Ride stats:

Total miles:  33.2

Average speed:  14.0

Top speed:  29.7 mph

Calories burned:  1060


After Sunday’s ride, my total mileage sits at 2278.5  – I think I am going to make it!!

So… when we got home from the ride on Saturday, John pointed out something under the burning bush.




Oreo and Cheddar!  I hadn’t seen them in several weeks and I was hoping against hope that someone took them in.  I have been keeping an eye out at the neighbor’s property for them and hadn’t seen them.  Turns out I should have been looking a little closer under our porch.  Sigh…double sigh…

Time to suck it up and help them before they make more kittens. Anyone who wants a kitten or who knows someone who wants a kitten, please let me know. It begins…

Saturday night was S’mores time!  My parents have a nice big back yard with a fire pit.


Lizzy was happy to have lots of company:


John and I brought beverages.


This was pretty good.  Not super spicy and a fairly wheaty beer.

Roasting time!


My sister and John:


My s’mores!



It’s funny, I really like s’mores, but I only want one because they are so rich.  I will eat more toasted marshmallows, but only one s’mores.

Today’s pink picture – this is a knitted shawl/blanket that my mother won in raffle:



The Breast Cancer Site

What’s Blooming!

Here is a little throwback Thursday Friday. Here is our front yard when we first moved in.  The front yard was being used as a turnaround and was all sand/dirt.  Plus that lame empty planter bed.  The tree branch you see is no longer there.  We had a huge tree in front of the house, but they removed it when the city redid the sidewalks and the streets because they had to cut too many roots for it to survive.


About 7 years of time and patience later and now a mature garden.


Imagine what I could do with a huge property :mrgreen:

Still getting a few blooms on my bachelor buttons. I love these!

bachelor buttons

And ewwww – there is a fly on it! 😮

I am liking the birdbath here as well.  More birds use it now that it is over here.




This was the first monarch of the year.

Kittens are blooming, too.  We hadn’t seen them for a couple days, then Pixie went bananas by the window this morning and, sure enough, there they were!



I was taking a pictures out the window (so I wouldn’t scare them) and they weren’t looking. Then orange one was all “Oh, hi!!”  They aren’t people friendly, though. Didn’t see the momma.  Need to keep an eye out for her and make sure she is still around to take care of these sweeties.  I just want to pick them up and kiss them!  So cute.  Although I am sure they are covered with fleas.  Mustn’t name them.  Must…not…name…them…

NROLW and busy, busy!

I thought long and hard about biking to the gym today, but my limit is below 40 degrees and it was at the freezing mark when I got up!! Brrrr…..  I had to scrape the car off, too.   The gym was nice and quiet this morning, guess other people thought it was too cold to even go out!

NROLW (New Rules of Lifting For Women) Stage 6 A

  • Negative chin ups:  3 sets of 1
  • Wide grip lat pulldown with slow release:  10 sets of 2 at 70 pounds
  • Barbell split squat:  3 sets of 6 at 65 pounds
  • Push ups:  3 sets of 6 (real style)

I am not getting any better at the chin ups.  I am very strong, but I am just too heavy to have that much upper body strength (that’s not me knocking myself, just being realistic about my upper body strength). Then I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  This man got on to the treadmill next to me and he had the worst breath!  I swear he ate an onion quiche with a garlic chaser.  I almost got off because I couldn’t stand it, but I didn’t want to be rude and move to another treadmill.  That’s why it was 25 minutes for me until I couldn’t take it anymore 😛

Returned home to make some Cream of Wheat with pumpkin, cranberry sauce and a tablespoon of dulce de leche that John made yesterday  :0


Very good, but dangerous.  I could eat that stuff straight off a spoon.  It was Alton Brown’s recipe, although he used 1% milk instead of whole to lighten it up a bit.

Remember the little  kitten that I rescued last month?  He got a new home!  He was nursed back to health and is happy in his new place.  That makes me feel great!  This was a picture during his foster care – he is so durn cute!


Lunch today was more homemade goodness.  John also made some clam chowder this weekend.  It’s only 150 calories a cup and so creamy and good.  I think the recipe was modeled on Dave Lieberman, but I am not completely sure.  I’ll have to ask J and get a link for you.  So good.  I don’t think I ever want canned soup again.


Winding down on the pink pictures for the month of October!

Here is today’s pink item:


This is another one of our soap colorants.  This is sparkle pink mica.  It’s actually the same stuff that is used in making cosmetics like eye shadow and blush, but just the pure colorant without any binders.  It’s one of my favorite colors of mica (although gold or copper are even prettier!).  I was contacted by an old soap customer and am working on a large order for her – so it is keeping me hopping on top of working full time.   That means those Christmas ornaments are put on hold.  Remember how I said it was a good thing I started them early??  Hahaha!!  Maybe in a couple weeks I can get back to them.

Doing this soap almost makes me want to start doing that again.  I kind of miss it a little bit now that it has been a while.  Does that ever happen to you?  Where you can’t stand doing something you used to love so you stop, then get the hankering for it again?  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’ll take some pics when I get most of the order done.

Dinner was my standard trifecta:


This was the best shot I took.  The old camera doesn’t quite know what to do when the food is steamy.  My replacement camera shipped today!  It’s crossing the country, so I probably won’t get it until the weekend.

So, feeling a little swamped and overwhelmed – but I’m keeping it together.  I did snack on some cashews today – more than I should have, but part of that was the nibbles I get due to lack of sleep.  I am going to bed early tonight, since John is out playing poker.  He had better win, since he has to take me to dinner this week 😀

NROLW and funny search terms

Short post today.  It’s the start of my weekend.  Need to keep up the good work.  Challengers – stay strong, halfway through the month now!

Little kitten made it through the night.  He is getting bottle fed now:


Good news, though – I was able to find someone who fosters kittens to take him!  She works through a shelter and will be able to get him neutered and shots and all that before adoption.  I spent a good portion of my day off trying to home the sweet thing.  I feel so much better now.  He will be going away tomorrow morning.  I have gotten a little attached to him, though.  I think I have the word ‘sucker’ tattooed on my forehead.

So, back at the gym this morning.  I actually did workout A, but when I did wordless Wednesday, I didn’t post the workout that day, so here it is:

  • Barbell deadlift/row:  4 x 4  at 75 pounds
  • Partial single leg squat:  4 x 4
  • Wide grip lat pulldown:  4 x 4  at 70 pounds
  • Back extension:  4 x 4  at 90 pounds
  • YTWL:  4 x 4  at 10 pounds (Yeah!)
  • Swiss ball crunch, reverse crunch, lateral flexion:  3 x 10
  • Prone cobra:  3 x 2 minute holds

Just so you don’t get bored 😀

Came back to protein pancakes.


I have maybe a pound or so of my Winney’s blueberries left.  Ahhhhh!!!  I was trying to figure out how many pounds of fresh blueberries I ate this season.  John cracked that it was half of the GDP.  He’s hilarious, isn’t he??  I think it probably has to be around 20 pounds!  Better than 20 pounds of cookies, though.

I got *the* biggest kick out of this.  I was looking through where people come from to get to my blog.  This has to be the funniest search string:  “Chinese Girls Kickboxing movies big smooth legs”  Can someone please tell me why my site comes up #1 for this????   😀  Hope they found what they were looking for ROFL!

Not much exciting on the eats front, so I’ll just sign off for the night.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

Lori to the rescue and FoodBuzz noms!

Dinner out tonight, so I wanted to do a longer run  to assist with that LOL.  Fueled up with some POM coffee.  This is good for fuel.  Goes down easy and has 7 grams of protein!


Wish I could report on how well it lasted because my run got waylaid by this after 2 miles:


Found this little guy on the side of the road, very cold and weak.  I noticed a tiny puff on the ground as I was jogging.  At first I thought he was dead, but as I got next to him, he lifted his head and tried to get up.  So – I of course had to stop the run and bring him home.  He perked right up and found his voice after some mush food and warmth.  I don’t know if he wandered from someone’s house or if he was dumped.  He is about 4 weeks old and too small to have gone far on his own.  He is pretty dirty, so I am thinking he was unwanted 🙁  or just feral.  If he was owned by someone, he is in terrible shape.

Anyone want a kitten?  We can’t keep him – it’s bad enough to have the one we do with John being allergic.  Local no-kill shelter is full.  I’m trying hard to find him a home.

That cut my run short, so I just stayed in for breakfast.  The Silver Palate oats again, this time cooked with a banana.


Love these!  They are halfway between rolled oats and steel cut.

I ended up going out before lunch after I finished my files to do the rest my run.  I did 3 miles the 2nd time, so somewhere around 5 to 5.5 miles today. How’s that for dedication?  😀

If you haven’t seen the FoodBuzz blog nominations, please feel free to nominate my blog if you like 😀

I’ve been feeling great about my lifestyle this month.  I am doing well towards my personal challenge and it feels good.  It’s funny how when you are a much lower weight a few pound loss really is noticeable – whereas when I was 250 pounds, you couldn’t tell.

So, John and I do football picks each week, and the loser of the picks has to buy the winner dinner out.  I lost this week (by 1 game), and John’s pick was Raul’s Mexican.


This place does not give free chips and salsa (thank you!!).  So we started by splitting a quesadilla:


All the meat is grilled here and has a wonderful flavor.  I had the Oaxacan tacos, which was grilled chicken, caramelized onions, mole sauce and lettuce and soft shell.  A bit of sour cream on top.  So delicious and flavorful!


John had fish tacos, and the fish of the day was swordfish (also grilled)


We walked around town for a while as it was an art walk.  Then we stopped for a coffee – and I managed to not have any of the baked goods!


Got home and fed the little guy.  For a tiny thing, he has a big mouth with constant meowing.  I hope he makes it.


Fellow first time triathlete coming up!  Wish PTG good luck!