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Back on track in the aftermath.

Well – today I got right back in my familiar eating rhythm. I feel so much more comfortable eating my foods in my portions. Not that I didn’t enjoy yesterday, because I did, very much. It’s just that the routine makes life so much easier.

I ate well, and I got in a strength training workout. No shopping for me, thank you very much. I will be cyber shopping this weekend.

So, if I am going to try to lose 4 pounds by Christmas, I need to really step things up. This is going to be hard with the goodies around, and just time wise squeezing everything in. It might mean an extra cardio session per day. I need to really decide if I am going to go all out for the next few weeks, or just keep plugging along.

I am going to shave off a few calories per day by going a little lower fat while still eating the same volume of food. Not too low, maybe 20-25% fat. That’s just switching to 1% milk for a while, which will save me about 40 calories per day.

If the weather is good next weekend, I will run another 5K. Jingle jog! With my sister, my niece, and possibly John.