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Weekend is here!

Yippee!  Done with work today and my weekend begins!  Any of you who missed it earlier, John hit his goal weight today!  That makes it a good day all around for both of us.  I’ll just keep plugging along LOL!  His reward is new clothes this weekend!

Tomorrow is my last NROLW workout, so I eased up on the exercise today so that I can really give it my all tomorrow.

I was up at 6 am, though, for whatever reason.  I made some delicious oats today:


  • 40 grams of oats
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3 dates chopped up
  • 1 tbsp cashew butter.

I don’t know why I have never thought to put dates in my oatmeal before.  They were fun!  This bowl needed a little crunch, though.  Maybe with some nuts or toasted coconuts.

Work went by really fast today, even though I had to take a break and go to my rental property for an appraisal.  My tenant was there with his big goofy dog:


I like dogs, but I am not a fan of slobber….. friendly, though.

Lunch was an egg and feta scramble in a wrap.  Quick and easy, if not exciting blog fodder.


I am hungry today.  Or maybe it’s *hangry*.  I think it’s because I did not get enough sleep last night.  I am craving salty stuff, too.

I finished up with work at 3:30 today!  That means my weekend starts!  I did a 3 mile walk to start the weekend.  It takes so much longer to walk 3 miles than run 3 miles :mrgreen:

Passed this sign during the walk:


I have not had eggnog yet this season except for a couple sips of John’s eggnog latte.  My vow is to wait until Thanksgiving!  Gonna make it 😀

We threw together a stir fry tonight using some leftovers in the fridge.  Pork, brown rice, peppers, onions and some soy sauce.  Requesit broccoli for me!  The pear was not as good as yesterday’s, though.


So, the weekend before Thanksgiving and it is very important to eat well.  You can already feel a holiday mood around.  This is not an excuse to overeat the day’s leading up to the actual holiday!  I need to remind myself of that.

Last workout tomorrow.  It’s like I am graduating!

Breakfast with mom and my carbs

John and I met my mother for breakfast this morning.  No workout today.  I am taking it easy for my back.  We met at Cafe on The Park:


Tiny place with a maximum occupancy of 27, but I don’t know where that many people would fit!  The prices are so low here, it’s crazy.  I would have loved french toast or a big omelet, but I saw that oatmeal was on the menu, so I went with that.  I also ordered a side of peanut butter and put a jam packet on it 😀


It was just missing the banana!  Not sure why toast is served with oatmeal, but I managed just to eat 1 slice (I do love toast).  The 3 of us ate breakfast here for less than $12 – can you believe it?

This shirt was on the wall, and I got the biggest kick out of it.


Lunchtime included a mango that I got this weekend.  They were on sale, so I had to get one.  Plus some kiwi.  Boca burger with laughing cow.  Num.


It’s funny when you write a post, you never know what is going to stick out with the readers.  Yesterday I was focused on my strength workout, and it seemed everyone noticed all the carbs I ate!  I normally do not have that many carbs every day, but once in a while is not a problem.  Most regular readers know that I don’t eat a lot of actual bread or pasta (except for my bagels).  My carbs usually come in the form of grains (oats) or wraps.  Because I usually work out in the morning, I do the majority of my daily carbs for breakfast and only have fruit and veggies with my dinner protein.  And yes, I do eat bagels twice a week.  I love them and I don’t find food to be scary any more.  I think a lot of people are scared of breads.  Again, everything in moderation!  (I do have to say that phrase annoys me a little 😉  )

The main reason I don’t eat a lot of bread is because I am a volume eater and 1 slice of good whole grain bread can easily be 140 calories.  Sure, I could get the reduced calorie bread, but it either has splenda in it, or is too soft for me.  I loves me some hearty bread.  That is where the waffles come in.  Nutrigrain waffles are 140 calories for 2, so it makes for a perfect sandwich option!

My new buddy hung out by the window today.  Look how brazen he is!


He says, “You want a piece of me??”

John made lattes today.  He almost always does them with a little something extra.  This has his homemade dulce de leche drizzled on top:


I’m spoiled 😳

He also cooked dinner tonight as I made a dessert.  He did a stir fry of chicken and pineapple with teriyaki sauce.  Of course, you know what I had to add to that bowl!


I really wish I could get John to eat broccoli.  He will sometimes try a piece, but he doesn’t like it that much.  He is eating more veggies in general, though – so that makes me happy.  He is almost at his goal weight, too (stinker….).

I will show a picture of what I made for dessert, but the recipe is being submitted for a contest so I can’t share just yet.  Be known that it is very good and a bit decadent:


Gonna need to do some running tomorrow LOL!

It’s officially my weekend!  I have decided to goof around tonight and relax.  Watch Project Runway and have some couch time.

Question:  Project Runway viewer?