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Fall foliage and cupcakes

Had a most wonderful time on our foliage train ride yesterday. Here is a pic taken on the train (it only went about 15 MPH tops, so photos were easy).

Spent a couple hours in a small town, ate at a local cafe and strolled the shops. Then took the train back. So lovely.

Then we went down to my sister’s house for my niece’s birthday. I really have trouble at her house for some reason. I proceeded to eat a bunch of chips, 2 cupcakes, a slice of fruit custard pie and sundry pieces of fruit. Ugh. We didn’t even go out to dinner for our anniversary because we were both so full! Oh well, there is always a chance to start over, right?

So, today I was as good as gold. I am sure I will be paying for Sunday’s eating when I weigh in on Wed.