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A bit of running

Wednesday is bagel day!  Gripe time: We went to our usual Wednesday spot, but they have been annoying me lately.  First, they stopped putting out milk for coffee – only cream. John and I don’t drink cream. We like milk,so then we have to ask for them to get milk out for us, which is a pain. Nothing like serving yourself milk from a gallon jug into your coffee cup.  And then I had 2 cups of coffee today with grounds in them. This is a premium coffee shop, too, that roasts it’s own. That shouldn’t be happening.  And a few other things that kind of add to that. I do so love their bagels, though.


So we might be going elsewhere for a while until I move them off my “list”.

I have started running again (or jogging). I know, I know – I keep saying I’m done. LOL I decided to try to train again, but doing it differently by starting to train at the end of bike season when my legs are in great shape and not late in winter when I’m bored. And, I’m keeping a slower pace. Or maybe a varying pace. With biking, I’m not going the same speed all the time, so why should my jogging be that way?

So I started the C25K program again and am in the middle of week 7, which is the 25 minute run segments and I’m doing okay! Dropping some weight earlier this year probably helped as well. My left leg feels fatigued the next day and the skin over my knee gets a little numb after the run, but I can deal with that… for now at any rate.  It’s at least a good change up from riding the trainer inside. I can run outside as long as it isn’t snowy or bitter cold.  I do have to say it’s kind of boring to me. It always has been. It’s not as fun as biking, but cross training is important.  I have had this bug to do another duathlon for years, but I couldn’t get the run going again consistently after hurting my back. Now that 5 years or so have passed since then, things are what they are.  It actually feels good to be doing it again.

Here is a picture of our lights so far this year:


Of course, you can’t see the little tree very well way on the right. And you can’t see our christmas tree in the window. I need to take a picture from across the street.  We are adding a little bit more lights each year as budget permits. I would love to have lights all around the roof and that – but there is no way we can get up there. We did buy a projection snowflake light to shine  on the upper story, but then it broke when we plugged it in, so that had to get returned. We might do lights on the inside of the 2nd story windows, though.

We have a brick house, which can make attaching things difficult, but John found a product called brick clips:


Aren’t these cool? No damage to the house and you can put them wherever to attach stuff. Plus they are removable. The only problem is that since the bricks in our house were hand made, they vary in size a bit, so finding just the right spot takes some maneuvering. Normal brick houses wouldn’t have that trouble, though. I have some that I’ve been using for my climbing roses and we used them for patio lights out back. You can get them online and also at Joann Fabrics, of all places.


What a quick weekend. Saturday was trying to relax a little and Sunday was another show. It was very close to home and was decent, so that was good. One more to go.

On Saturday, the tree project was completed. John stapled a light string on the back after I had put some spar varethane on it for outdoor use.


I love how it came out and happy I actually got a project done LOL!  It’s about 4 feet tall. Now it’s outside with our other lights and I’m happy 😀

Regarding the title of the post, I put in official resignation notice at my job. My last day will be at the end of the month and I am leaving the MT field all together.  It’s no secret the company that I work for is not very organized and has caused me much frustration over the past 6 years. I worked very hard for them and the disappointing thing is, only one person commented on my notice – one of my direct account managers – to ask me to stay on part time. Uhmm…No. The office manager (who I deal with the most) and the owner didn’t respond at all when I turned in my notice. I gave them a month’s notice so they would have plenty of time to get my accounts covered, but after that, it’s not my problem.

What I will be doing is transitioning full time into the supply business John has been running and we’ve had for over 15 years..I had stepped away from it for a while, but it’s time to get back to it.  2017 will be an interesting year. In more ways that one, too.

Someone who doesn’t care about all this? Ms. Pixie. As long as she has a lap, she’s happy.


Although I am leaned over on my hip here and she couldn’t quite get on, so maybe not so happy LOL!

Friday Fun Day

I’ve been on a roll with my football picks lately after a pretty lame start to the year. For my winning dinner, I wanted to go to downtown Saratoga.  As we got close, the traffic was really backed up and we took a side route around and then figured out what was going on. It was the Victorian stroll where the downtown is blocked off to traffic and bunches of people gather. We went to it one year, but the crowds!  So, it was plan B, which was driving in the opposite direction LOL.  I saw a sign for a new restaurant called BWP and made a snap decision to go there.

Turns out BWP stands for Beer, Wine and Pizza!  It wasn’t crowded (since everyone was downtown).  The service was very friendly and the place was quite nice.  I decided on a hamburger. The Bleu burger:


Yum!!  It had bacon on it and a bleu cheese dressing of some kind. I definitely would come back here.  Maybe after I win this week’s picks, too.

I did some shopping at the mall. It was during the day, so not crowded.  Check these out:


I swear, we might have to host an ugly sweater party 😀

Then I stumbled on this:


All of this stuff – every single piece — is for the eyebrows.  ????  Are eyebrows such a thing? I will admit that I am au naturale with mine. No plucking, no penciling. Nothing.  Maybe that’s a good thing because how do you afford all this stuff just for eyebrows?

It’s getting a little cold for our traditional Friday night beer walks. We are thinking of turning them into Film Noir nights with the fireplace going — and maybe some nog. Speaking of the fireplace, John decorated the mantle:


I only moved one thing 😀  (The red vase).  The mirror is always there, not just for Christmas. Don’t you love Pixie’s tiny stocking? I’ll probably just roll up some paper balls and put them in there since that is her favorite toy. That or twist ties.

I have a show this Sunday to do. In the home stretch now! At least it’s only 2 miles from home.  Have a great weekend!

Fog and Christmas tree

WeT are having a bit of warm weather here. November is ending warmer than it started, I think. We’ve had rain and lots of fog.  This was on our walk to breakfast today


It was pretty misty all day, too.

This was said breakfast.


I know I haven’t shown Bagel Wednesday in a while!  Yummy.

Wednesdays are my weight check-in day. Doing good at maintaining, even after Turkey Day! Gotta keep it up.

We’ve gotten a lot of decorating done. The tree is up:


I really like this tree a lot. I’m glad we finally got a new one. It’s pre-lit with the white bulbs, which is nice. Pixie doesn’t bother the tree much; however, she does like to chew on the Velcro on the tree skirt. I don’t really know why. She is a strange cat.

Speaking of strange cats – Here is a holiday Simon’s Cat video. This is Pixie to a T with catnip!

Especially the rolling around on the floor 😀

Thanksgiving and being crafty!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. As per tradition, the day was spent at my sister’s house.  As usual, the table was full of food!  John made a spinach and gruyere quiche for the vegetarian entree:




That’s a cranberry gingerale.

Yummy plate:


The green veggie is shredded brussel sprouts sauteed with dried cranberries and pecans. Yum!  Note how my food doesn’t touch. Except for the stuffing and turkey. Those are okay touching 😀

After dinner, we went out for a chilly walk with a couple of the doggies:






The pond:


It was kind of icky out. Time to get back inside for desserts and games! The nieces made these beautiful apple pie rosettes:


A couple different pies and pumpkin roll:


Then games. One of them was Mexican train:


Love games! We always manage to laugh and laugh, no matter what we play.

On Saturday, I had another show. This was the Saratoga Holiday Marketplace and benefitted the Saratoga Cener for the Family, which is an organization that gives help to abused children and also family help for children with behavioral or learning challenges. So, a very good cause. The show was great, too! It was the best show of the year so far (and likely not to be beat).  I sold out of oatmeal and honeysuckle – honeysuckle gone for the year now.  My inventory for the next 2 shows is a little lean, but I think I’ll be okay.

While I was at the show, John put up the outside lights and our tree inside for decorating on Sunday.  It was nice to have a day just to myself to do whatever and I finally got down to do a project I have been wanting to do, which was make some outdoor decorations. I tried to break down a couple pallets, but the wood is wet from being outside and I couldn’t get the pieces apart without damaging them. So, I decided to rummage through our scrap wood pile and found some pieces that would do.


I marked out a tree shape and then got out the table saw. I really hate using this tool because it’s scary, but it did the trick.


Time to assemble with some screws:



I had a sample pot of paint  and went to work.


Isn’t it cute?  I am going to spray it with poly, put some lights on it and it will be ready to go outside. Nothing like cheap projects!

Decorating the Chapman

Today was my volunteer shift at the Chapman Museum. This was supposed to be my slow week, which is why I scheduled my shift, but the week really didn’t start that way. However, after a late night working yesterday and working at 6 a.m. this morning, it’s finally caught up. Now I can relax a little for the holiday, which I could use big time.

Anyway, at the museum it was time to make it a little festive.  When I arrived, the director brought a bunch of boxes in and said to have at it with decorating the shop and reception area.  I had a box of greenery, a bunch of stems and picks, a big box of ornaments and a couple of small trees to work with.

Small tree:

img_1760bA couple table setups:


I hope no one needs to move any of these because they will fall apart LOL.


It’s a good start and there is a lot of stuff left for someone else to work with.

Some of the other volunteers had already done the house itself earlier today. It’s very simple decorating.

The piano in the library:


There is a small tabletop tree, which I tried to get a picture of, but the lighting was bad.

Here is the mantle in the parlor:


Isn’t that gorgeous?  The great thing about the Chapman Museum is that you can take all the pictures you want.

And speaking of the parlor, I covet this chair very much:


It’s a Belter style piece, very rococco. This was owned by the lady of the house. Note how the chair seat is lower to the floor so that when women sat in down, their skirts could be draped so their ankles wouldn’t show.

I’ll be on a blog hiatus for a few days, so I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Next show

Not too much to say about the weekend as I was busy selling. I had a 3-day show which wrapped up today.  This was the same promoter and venue as the one I did in September. That show wasn’t so good. This one was much better, but not worth doing again. Those 3-day shows are a bit much, especially with my regular job.

It’s a lot of talking with people, too. When you are an introvert – that’s the hardest part LOL. I do fine at it, but it’s exhausting. There was snow today, so attendance was lower, but at least it didn’t affect my drive on the way home.


Popular scents this show:  Sea Mist, Plumeria, Honey and Spice. I sold out of those on Saturday and brought more in for Sunday.  And all but one of the Pine potpourri, likely because of the approaching holiday season. Remember to shop small Thanksgiving weekend!

I got into my jammies at 7:00 and now it’s relaxing for the evening and some football!  I look forward to a shorter work week, that’s for sure.


Late riding and teeth


Can you believe it’s 6 weeks to Christmas?  And less than 2 until Thanksgiving.  This time of year goes by even faster than the rest of the year.  Maybe that’s why January and February seem to take forever to get through LOL.

I have hardly been taking any pictures. I haven’t had time or just not really interesting. I have been doing a lot of work (even today) and you don’t need pictures of my keyboard!  😀   I just need to get through the next 6 weeks and things will settle down more and I can get back to work on fun projects like the trunks that have been sitting around waiting for me to get to them.

Anyway. Most of the plants have been killed by frost, but my ground mums are still going.  They are flopped over from the heavy wet snow a couple weeks ago, but they still look pretty.


Some places are full-on Christmas already. We were out for breakfast this morning and the coffee shop was all decked out.




No holiday music yet, though.  I find I don’t even mind this, actually. Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of tie together, unlike summer and pumpkins.

On a most annoying note, I think I going to have to go in for another root canal. I have had a very sensitive tooth for a couple years, but even at the last visit in August, the x-rays looked fine. The dentist had put some kind of barrier film on the tooth to help with sensitivity and it worked pretty well.  Fast forward to last week and I started to get sinus pain, which I first attributed to rain coming, but then it moved into my mouth as well and I cannot even chew on that side of my mouth because of pain in the tooth. I tried calling my dentist on Friday, but they were closed for the holiday.  I was considering going to the urgent care because of how much it hurt, but with warm compresses it’s a lot better. It only hurts now when my teeth click together or if I accidentally chew on that side.  Hopefully I can get a fast appointment on Monday to get the process rolling. I *just* finished off the payments on my last root canal in February and now I look forward to another $1500 dental bill. Boo.

On a good note, there has been more biking!  It was in the low 50s today, so we got on the bikes for a nice ride.


Bundled up, but it any late season ride is a good one.

Chapman Tea

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post. Everyone was very nice agreeing or not, and I’m glad that if you dissented that you felt comfortable enough here to do that. Too bad Washington can’t act that way.  We certainly have a lot to do.

There has been biking in November still! I was out on Tuesday with a ride.


Not too shabby.

I’ve been doing pretty good on the maintain thing through Halloween. I got rid of that pound I gained in Ireland and have been maintaining. It’s a little harder at this time of year and I have to really check myself sometimes. Candy corn snacking and all that. The last of the post Halloween sale candy corn is in the house, but will soon be gone LOL.  It’s sometimes being the adult and saying, “Well, I really want some eggnog, but I did have candy corn today and that was my choice”. Not that I couldn’t have the nog if I really wanted it, but realizing I don’t need to have it. Plus nog will be around through Christmas.

I realize I forgot to update the tea! We had the first Victorian tea at Chapman House (where I volunteer). It was pretty successful. When we did the tea run through, it was the day after we got back from Ireland. I could only attend the prep part of the practice tea because I was swamped with work, so I missed the actual tea part. Well, there was an open spot at the “real” tea and the coordinator put my name on a placecard to have a seat at the table since I missed the other tea. That was so nice!

I was part of the food crew. Because the museum doesn’t have a commercial kitchen, we had to use a  nearby church kitchen to prepare some of the food there and bring it back to the museum. I was part of that detail making the chicken salad sandwiches and egg salad cups.  Then I got back just in time for the presentation.

This is the dining room before decoration and lengthening the table:


The tea begins with the education director talking about what Victorian women had to wear for clothing. Did you know their winter clothes could weigh up to 40 pounds? That was one of the reasons for the corset – to help you back support the weight of the clothes.  No wonder Victorian women fainted all the time 😀

We all got to wear period hats to the tea as well:


It’s shocking to see me in a hat and not a helmet, isn’t it? Then to the dining room.


I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked because I had to get in to the presentation and the table wasn’t all the way set up.


Delicious scones donated by a local bakery.

The tea went quite smoothly and we learned about what to do better for the next tea in December. The attendees seemed to really enjoy it.  I will make sure to get pictures of the next tea table setting since it will be set up for Victorian Scottish Christmas.


I don’t really like to be political on the blog, but oh well.  We’ve done it America, for better or worse. Or half of America did it. Half did not. Hate won this election. On both sides. Whether it was hate for Hillary, hate for Obamacare, hate for Trump, hate of a democrat nominating a supreme court justice, hate of immigrants, hate of gun control, hate of POC… the list goes on.  And that is what bothers me more than Trump actually being president. This bed of hatred is now what we must lie in and I for one don’t want to.

The seedy underbelly of America was exposed and spilled itself into the rhetoric.  This has now encouraged the worst of the worst to go ahead and spout what they want now. Even David Duke, white supremacist bag of garbage, said this:

This is one of the most exciting nights of my life -> make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump

That should scare you. That should scare Trump as well. Let’s hope he has the guts to address the issue. The country is basically  still split down the middle and healing from that may never take place.  What kind of America do we have when some of our fellow Americans are now afraid to live here because of who they are?

The right says that now we know how they felt when Obama was elected, but no matter how much you dislike him or his policies, Obama is a decent human being. Back in the Bush/Gore election, I was terribly disappointed, but I didn’t think Bush was a bad human being. This time? Well, there is enough audio and video out there that speaks for itself.

I think Van Jones said it best:

And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people he insulted, and offended, and brushed aside, yeah. When you say you want to take your country back, you got a lot of people who feel they’re not represented well either. But we don’t want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others.

But this is more than politics. This is about human beings. We as Americans need to prove that we are better than this. We are. We have to be. No matter who you voted for, call out hate on the carpet when you see it. Hate should not be a presidential platform. You need to be able to look everyone in the eye and say “We all are equal. You matter” I think we kind of said the opposite to half the country.

I truly hope Trump is not the man he seems to be. I truly, truly hope that.  I so badly want this to be okay. Maybe he won’t revert to the form we saw on the campaign trail. Maybe he will make good changes. Am I optimistic? Nope.  I can only try to make my corner of the world full of kindness and acceptance and equality. If everyone does the same, maybe there is hope.

Now, better get all my doctor appointments in before January before we lose our health insurance…